June 8th, 2005

by lj_cazthehobbit

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It's late to ask this; I know... but does anyone have a UPass sticker they'd like to sell? Or alternately, would anyone be willing to "lose" their sticker? I would be happy to pay the replacement cost for you...

wireless internet?

Does the UW campus (Seattle) have wireless internet in the dorms and across the campus itself?

... I'm going to be a freshmen and I just bought a new laptop and I'm wondering if I'll be spoiled by being able to walk around anywhere and recieve access to the internet.

Thanks in advance :)

biochemistry book for sale!

Hi. I am selling my biochemistry 440 book. It also covers biochem 441 (442 has it's own separate book).
It is the one which will be used for fall (I checked with the bookstore)
Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry with the study guide/solutions manual
4th edition
Price: $105
(the USED bookstore price is 127.35 without tax)
It's a good deal!
Buy it!
post a message ASAP if you are interested.
Oh and both the book and the study guide/solutions manual are in like brand new condition.