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Monday, June 6th, 2005

Subject:greek life, woot
Time:6:40 am.
Hi. I want to be a live-out member of a sorority. I have a single in Hansee that I'm assigned to all summer and through at least next year, and it is so sweet I refuse to give it up. I'd also like to be a sorority member. I've lived in the dorms and dealt with all kinds of people all year, and I don't see a difference between dormies and greek people. I get pretty annoyed with both, and I've had good experiences with both, too. This community is decidedly anti-greek, which makes me sad. Go ahead and strengthen the stereotypes, guys. You really sound intelligent spouting off about "sorostitutes" and "stupid greeks" and blah blah blah. But can anyone else point me to where I might find information on live-outs? I've visited and searched the panhellenic site, and I've talked to a handful of greek girls, and it hasn't brought me much progress :/
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Subject:Modern Irish History
Time:10:41 am.
Is anyone here in HSTEU 376? I am in dire need of a copy of the study guide. If anyone can copy, scan, or type a summary and send it to me I would be forever indebted. luchadore at gmail dot com Thanks.

Edit: If anyone can help me out I'll give you $5. Seems like a pretty good deal for a few minutes effort.
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Subject:Room(s) Available in the U-District
Time:10:52 am.
A friend of mine is looking for someone to join their housing co-op, here is the info:

Large bright top floor room available in great old house in the U-district, $465. 17th Ave NE at 50th. It has warm wood floors, two enormous walk in closets, and two windows looking out into the trees. The housemates are a group of students and young working people, straight and gay, men and women, american and non-american. We share a living room, kitchen, porch, garden, and bathrooms. The house is colorful and artsy and has a good atmosphere. We also have a piano if you play. All utilities and cable TV are included in the rent. The living room TV has all the movie channels and on demand cable services. The rent also includes a weekly house cleaning service for the common areas. The room has a phone line which you can connect yourself and also use to get high speed internet. The house is only 2 blocks from UW campus, shops and restaurants, bike trails, the library, the YMCA, and numerous bus lines. There is only parking on the street but bike storage in the basement. You MUST be nonsmoking, quiet, clean, responsible, and gay friendly. No pets and no couples. Although we are a diverse group, we are a politically progressive bunch and conservative and devout people will not feel comfortable here. You need to provide references, be employed/financially stable and sign a 6 month lease, which becomes month to month after that. Move in costs are $250 deposit, first and last month's rent. Please email me with details about yourself and a phone number where you can be reached. I don't call long distance, so if you are contacting me from out of state, please use an email you can check regularly to get my response. The room is available now. There is also a room with a private kitchen coming open at the end of this month.

((The email to use for more information is anon-72194541@craigslist.org, or comment here and I'll forward the info))

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Subject:geog books & renting...
Time:11:29 pm.
if anyone is taking geog 100 or geog 271 summer or fall quarter, i have books for sale. :)

just out of curiosity...what happens when you break a lease?

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