June 5th, 2005


Know of a "basket-weaving" class?

Everyone, I need advice on a class in Autumn. Next Autumn quarter will be my last quarter at UW, and there's two classes (10 credits) that I need to take to graduate. However, I was thinking of taking some third easy "basket-weaving" type of class to boost my GPA at the end. Does anyone have any recommendations of classes and/or professors from experience that are easy in terms of workload and getting a high grade? [Forgive me, if looking for this is too much of wishful thinking on my part.]


so i plan on graduating in 2007 with a degree in economics and international studies. for econ i only need 6 more classes before i finish the major. for international studies.. well thats why i'm graduating in 07 rather than 06. my question is, can i finish up all my credits for econ by the end of 06 and go searching for a job then for say a manager type position saying that i have a degree in econ..when i haven't actually graduated yet? i'm thinking that i want to find a good steady job start and getting that before i actually graduate would be great. any words of advice/knowledge would be appreciated.
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Quick fin. aid question

So I was especially broke this yr. and in my financial aid statement I got 4 various grants - State need, Supplemental, University and Pell grants- , and 2 loans - Sub. Stafford loan and the Parent loan-

~just to make sure, I won't have to pay back the grants right, and the loans of course I know I do pay back (I looked around the OSFA page and didn't find the info I was looking for.. thats why I ask)

Philosophy 100, Dr. Rosenthal

Hey quick question:

Does anyone know/remember what was up with Rosenthal's grading policy? It says that the the quizes are weighted at 15%, but if you fail any part of the course (quizes, papers, or final) that you'll fail the course. I'm really worried about this because I missed a few quizes by showing up late to section. Also, does anyone know what he means by "failing" quizes? Like below .7 on the 4 point scale? Also, does anyone know what he means by "fail the course?" Does it mean a flat 0.0 or a .7? Either way, If I'm going to fail, I don't want to have to study for the final.




Ok I looked in the memories and on the U-PASS site, but couldn't find the answer. Can we use our U-PASS during finals week? It appears that it expires today, which is BS. I heard that the drivers don't care, but I want to make sure. Can anybody tell me if they've successfully used the U-PASS during finals?

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Support Cheerleaders, go to Wild Waves

Hi, I'm on an All-Star College cheer squad with a bunch of girls from here at the UW and we're doing a little fundraiser right now through Wild Waves!

If you want to get into Wild Waves for $14.99 on June 18th ($17.00 savings) just go to this website Wild Waves and order tickets with this promotion code: CFC46

Anything helps, we are fundraising for a spring floor right now and for uniforms, nationals, entry fees etc.

Also, if anyone is interested in learning more about us our website is: Action Cheer

Lastly, anyone who is interested in being on a competitive cheer squad, but didn't have the time to be on UW cheer, we are having open practices this summer starting June 20 and tryouts in October.