June 2nd, 2005

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The Final Episode!

Although I'm extremely biased, I wanted to suggest to you folks that if you need a break this weekend from all the studying, you might do well to come see the last Collective show of the year. We're UW's best (and only) improv troupe, and we've got a hell of a show lined up. It's free, but donations always rock.

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Woo! Improv!

A New Winter Guard

Hey! Come join the new Winterguard in the Seattle Area for anyone 18-23!!
Hey Guys -

This totally snuck up on me, but lets make it happen.
The weather looks crappy, so maybe a BBQ isn't the
best idea.

Lets meet Friday June 3rd at 8:00pm at Diva Espresso
at 80th St. and Greenwood Ave N in Seattle. Its a
neat little coffee shop that's easy to find.

From I-5 you should take the 85th St Exit and head
west. Cross Aurora Ave and then turn Left on
Greenwood Ave N. Continue south on Greenwood Ave N
until you get to 80th St. Diva Espresso is on your

At about 9:00 or 9:15 we can decide what to do, but
right up the street is Leilani Lanes that has tons of
bowling, pool, music, and food. If you can't catch up
with us until after 9:00, Leilani Lanes is at 100th St
and Greenwood Ave N.

Hope to see you all there!

Bring music, ideas, opinions and totally bring guard
friends even if they haven't signed up. We want a ton
of kids in this.


I've really moved to Myspace And I've created a Rhapsody Group over there so fell free to check it out!

Study abroad question

I'm looking at studying abroad next spring, either with the CHID/English Dept. Rome program or the English Dept. London program. Does anyone have any recommendations or preferences between the two? Many thanks in advance :)

Study abroad again

The previous post made me think of a question for you all: Has anyone gone on the Spring quarter in Rome program with the Italian dept? I was planning on going next year and taking 203 over there and was wondering if any of you guys have gone! And what you thought of it.
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Looking for a sublet for the summer??

We have one room in our spacious two bedroom apt. available June 23 (at the latest) through August 31. You'll have your own room and live with 2 girls. $350/month. The apt. is located on 42nd between 11th and 12th Ave.

Hardwood floors, dishwasher, laundry downstairs, short walk to campus and major bus stops (#66, #70-74). Utilities are cheap ($15/mo) and we have Cable Internet ($15/mo).

We are looking for someone quick, so we're willing to negotiate rent/utilities.

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BTW, hope everyone is doing well with finals/papers and the like!! I'll be hosting all night party in OUGL if anyone wants to come! ;)

E-mail me stimke@u.washington.edu or leave a comment.
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lost cell phone

i lost/forgot my ghetto cell phone at Mary Gates Hall Computer Lab next to the commons. it's black and silver. i would really appreciated if someone found it and email me at zzx@u.washington.edu. i cannnot afford another phone. thank you. and i need it back as soon as possible.

edit: i forgot it today and only realized that when i was already on the bus home.

Question about summer quarter

Does anyone have advice about summer quarter courseloads, difficulty-wise? I'm wondering if it would be too difficult to take 4 science classes, 16 credits total. I'm worried about finals especially, since they are all on the last day of school. Any advice would be appreciated!

ASUW Book Exchange

I'm excited to let everyone know that the ASUW Book Exchange is now officially up and running!

Check it out at books.asuw.org!

You'll need to log in with you UWNetID, fill out some basic contact information and you're set to go.


  • Sell your books to/buy your books from other UW students
  • See the UW Bookstore price (new and used), Amazon.com price (new and used), and the prices asked by your fellow students
  • Search for books by your class's SLN number!
  • See if the books you're selling are required for any classes

    Get more for your books than you would from the Bookstore while still buying for less than at the bookstore. Check it out! Also, send any feedback to asuwtech@u.washington.edu