June 1st, 2005


Well, the show that I've been working on for awhile now is finally opening tomorrow!!! YAYA!!!!
Even better is that tomorrow is PAY WHAT YOU CAN!!!!

Reality World encompasses all of your favorite reality shows into ONE surreal theatrical experience. We spoof Survivor, The Apprentice, Project Runway, Iron Chef, American Idol, Big Brother, and more!

Come live the experience as YOU vote for who you like the best and we crown a Reality World Champion!!!

Who: The Cast of Jet City Improv
What: A Hilarious look at your favorite reality shows
When: Every Thrusday and Friday night at 8pm at the Historic University Theater
Where: Ummm....see above.

For more info, go to REALITY WORLD


This may be a long shot, but I have to ask:

Is there anyone who is attending summer quarter who does not want their UPASS, who would be willing to sell it to me? I would really appreciate it!

Thank you, and I hope this isn't inappropriate here.
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Writing Credit

As many of you probably know, the College of Arts and Sciences requires that in order to graduate, students must complete "10 credits of writing intensive courses," also known as a "W" Course. Other colleges have writing requirements as well. A full explanation of the "W" courses can be found by clicking here.

My question to all of you is, how significant of a factor is writing credit in your course enrollment decisions? Are you more or less likely to enroll in a course if it has a W next to it, or does it depend on whether or not you need that credit? Are there certain departments where you're more likely to take a course if you need writing credit? Conversely, are there departments from whose courses you'd not be interested in seeking writing credit?

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So I never got around to getting my actual Student ID. I started last quarter. If I were to study in Suzzalo late into the night, do they actually have to *see* a UW student ID? It says on the website the library is restricted to UW students/faculty/staff with valid UW ID between 10pm and 6am. I'm just wondering how serious they are about that, and if I am able to be 'verified' any other way in their system if they ask.

Yeah yeah, I know. I'm a slacker. Let's refrain from reminding me that in your comments :)

Free anthropology book

Free book for anyone taking anthro. The cover is torn off but the spine is intact and pages are clean. This was for a class taken during fall or winter quarter. I'd like to see this go to someone who can use it. If interested let me know by replying here.

Anthropology : The Exploration of Human Diversity (Paperback, 2003) I paid over $50 for this book a couple months ago.
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It's that time again (and the last time for me!)

What is everyone doing to put off studying for finals? (I know this is early, but I just really wanted to share my newest procrastination method.)

I have been enjoying Hangman with my non-enrolled roomies. Internet slang has been the theme of the evening. They got ROFLCOPTER and LOLLERSKATES pretty easy, but were stumped with OMGWTFBBQ, as is apparent in the picture. (Also apparent is how terrible my roomies are at Hangman since they guess the same letters more than once. A lot. Just look at the arrows.) It changed from Hangman to Hangfamily because I wanted to see how long it would take them to guess it all. All of those people in the yellow are for just OMGWTFBBQ.

Every college apartment should be required to have a white board.Collapse )

What are you up to?

Jury Duty

Has anyone ever gotten out of jury duty due to school? UW quarter's are so short and missing a week could be difficult to make up. Has anyone here done jury duty while in school?