May 28th, 2005

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What are you getting a degree in? Why (do you think it'll make you lots of money, do you find it interesting, other influences)? What do you think your first job out of college will be, and what career do you actually want to be in?
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skipping a week of class?

I'm planning a trip to Europe with a friend that would go from Dec. 26th to Jan. 9th. I was checking myUW and it looks like classes start Jan. 3rd. If I missed six days (two of which are the weekend, anyway), would it be a real drag for me or does it depend on the class(es)? And would profs most likely let me arrange something with them if I emailed them a month in advance about the problem (we can't reschedule so it's either this or don't go)? Has anyone missed a week or so for personal vacations and had problems?

I'm basically assuming it wouldn't be too big of a deal and that it'd work out, but that could be just because I'm deadset on going to Europe and being in Paris for New Year's.

Thanks in advance. I checked memories but didn't find anything and, since I'm an incoming freshman, I don't really have anyone to ask yet. As for why I'm asking so early, we're trying to buy the tickets really soon so they cost significantly less.
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It's hot in here!!!

I'm sitting here in McMahon baking in the insane heat here. Does anyone know of good places to hang out/do homework, etc which are air-conditioned? I know the libraries are, but they tend to close, and I want to go somewhere else. I'd really like to know of some coffee shops(besides starbucks) where I can get some homework done.