May 26th, 2005


Parking tickets

I apologize if this has been asked before, but I checked in the memories and there was nothing there.

Anyway, have any of you gotten a UW parking ticket and just not paid it? If so, what happened? Did they hunt you down?

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Hey, so, apparently the UW community is still an angry beehive, because people STILL feel like they have to apologize in advance before they ask a perfectly good question.

That makes me feel bad. if something's in the memories, and you know it's there, just refer them nicely, and maybe even link to the entry. If you suspect it's in the memories, but don't know, look for it yourself before you comment angrily! if you don't want to go through all that, maybe it'd be easier to answer the question, or just not say anything at all.

I'm not going to apologize, because this isn't flame bait, and you shouldn't take it that way.

Fake Bank Scams

Given the number of fake bank scams out there that use the UW directories in order to harvest e-mail addresses, I thought some of you might find the following link amusing:

WASHINGTON (AFP) - Angered by the growing number of Internet scams, online "vigilantes" have started to take justice into their own hands by hacking into suspected fraud sites and defacing them.

These hackers have targeted fake websites set up to resemble the sites of banks or financial institutions in recent weeks, and have inserted new pages or messages. Some say "Warning - This was a Scam Site," or "This Bank Was Fraudulent and Is Now Removed."
The efforts by the self-proclaimed "hero hackers" come amid a surge in online schemes known as "phishing" in which victims are lured to fake websites to get passwords or other personal data.

Hooray for the federal government!

The Associated press is reporting on a little-known law passed in 2004 that requires all schools, including universities, to "hold an educational program on the United States Constitution on September 17 of such year for the students served by the educational institution."


Even better? Autumn quarter doesn't even start until September 28th.

Brilliant, isn't it? The notice from the Department of Education is located here.

fish in Drumheller

Ok, this is probably a silly question. I notice Drumheller Fountain is once again partially drained for cleaning. A few weeks ago, when it was full (and filthy) I noticed several large goldfish nosing around the remains of a chair down in the murk. Now, of course, you can see clear to the bottom and the fish are not there. So, does anyone know what happens to the fish when they clean? Do they keep them somewhere and put them back? Do they release them humanely into the wild? Put them in their backyard koi pond? Obviously, nothing huge hinges on the answer to this (not even a bet), I'm just incurably curious and now this is bugging me.
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Hi. At the end of this quarter, I will have 3 books for sale. I don't know for how much because I don't know how much the bookstore is selling them for, but I would sell them like 20 dollars cheaper than the bookstore USED price. They are all in excellent condition.

Physics 114, 115, 116 book, Walker
Biochemistry 441, 442, Lehninger (brand new this year)
Organic Chemistry 237,238, 239, Carey, 5th edition (bought brand new 2 years ago)

If anyone would like to buy these from me, let me know or else I will just sell them to the bookstore. If you are interested, I will find out how much the bookstore is selling the used copies for, and again, I will sell it for $20 cheaper.