May 25th, 2005


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So today's the College Republican Smokeout on the HUB Lawn and this caused me to wonder, is there no more efficient way for the CRs to give themselves lung cancer? I mean, this must be their point (for it's difficult to see any *actual* purpose to this event), so any thoughts as to how we could help them out? Anyone?
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fake photographer?

I ran into a guy on the Ave who was trying to take my picture.  I refused (and went into a crowded store), and he immediately moved on to another woman.  Seems odd after the attack in the Bookstore, so if anyone sees him, they may want to call the Seattle police or UW's police. 
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President of Ireland

Who all went to see the President of Ireland, Mary McAleese, speak in Kane 130 last night? What did you think? I thought it was very cool that the Jackson School of International Studies was able to get an international leader to come speak. (I am sure other forces were involved in getting her to come, though)
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