May 24th, 2005

Christain Handouts

You know how you're waiting for the bus, and someone comes over and hand you a Christain magazine? Or people at school handing out free bibles, handouts, and even comics?

We'll, today, at UW campus, they were handing out this Christain Comic, called: It's the Law.

Basically, it's about a History Teacher that's planning to suspend a kid for mentioning the 10 Commandents on his assignment or whatever. She went to the kid's parents' later that night to talk about it. The parents talked about how it was actual History. Afterwards, the History Teacher realized she's a sinner and begged god for forgiveness....

UM...what happened to seperation of church and state?! And I'm going to be a History Teacher one day! :shock:

Senior Sendoff

So a group of graduating seniors got together this year and decided to create a new event for graduating seniors to get together and celebrate. You need to buy tickets, but it's a great deal!



June 3rd, 4:30pm (Last day of classes)
Beer Garden on HUB Lawn, Sponsored by Gordon Biersch.
Tickets at the HUB ticket office now!
Tickets are $10, (includes dinner and one beer)
Additional beers $3
Get tickets ASAP
21 and over event (If you're a graduating senior and under 21, e-mail

(no subject)

On Thursday, May 26nd, at 7:00 PM in Espresso Roma, Bricolage will be holding its annual reading.

Bricolage is the campus undergrad literary publication, now in its 22nd year. We publish an annual zine from submissions sent in by UW students, who will be reading their published stories and poetry at the event. This year’s issue will be also be available at the reading and in the U-Bookstore for $5. In addition, there will be food. Yes, food. Free food.

If you enjoy readings or want to see what sort of material we publish, feel welcome to show up.

bitching about Solstice is old meme

Anyone care to posit any theories as to why the baristas at Solstice think they have something to gain by being rude to their customers and playing their music so friggin loud you can't hear the person you're sitting across the table from talk, let alone hear yourself think?
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