May 22nd, 2005

  • kety

I will pay you to mow my lawn.

I really really hate mowing lawns and I would be ever so appreciative if someone would be willing to come do it for me. I'll give you $20 and plenty of lemonade. :-) It's a litte lawn in Ballard (the 44) runs close to my house). The weather today might be gross so if someone wants to come by sometime this coming week when it's nicer, that's totally fine.

$20 and lemonade (or soda or whatever)!

Rear View Mirror

Organic chemistry woes

I studied for weeks for my ochem midterm and thought I understood the material, and I still bombed the midterm. So...I need a tutor to help me prepare for the final. I need someone who's taken and aced chem 239 and is willing to put in several hours a week to help me do the same. I'm free late afternoons and evening, plus weekends. Email me at if you're interested! THANK YOU!
  • shepak

junk mail

is there any way to block junk mail in webpine? somehow i started getting about 40 messages a day that say things like "Burger King for a year- we pay Kelsey" or "10k duck Kelsey- pick a prize." its really annoying.

Residene application contract

So... if I apply for on-campus housing, I am contractually agreeing to accept whatever accomodations they give me? There's no way I can say, I don't want this room you're giving me and I choose to live somewhere else? Cuz that blows.

EDIT-- Yeah I decided not to submit my application. I am probably going to be living in World House, and if not there than University Housing. I don't like paying $300 and agreeing to live somewhere if I don't know what I'm going to get, and I'd really rather not have a roommate anyway. The food service on campus takes cash, right?