May 21st, 2005


Shakina SPAM!

Wow. As if they weren't rabid enough, I've started getting Shakina spam, but AFTER the event:
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Was sent to my Gmail account, which I can only assume was harvested from my LJ user info via uw since it isn't in the student directory.

Vandalizing other people's cars.. spamming students.. accusing others of devil worship.. creating a noise disturbance to be heard a mile away... ok, there's free speech, and then there's truly obnoxious "recruiting" which is unacceptable. Not even the LaRouchians spam me. Anyone else interested in bringing their pranks to UW's attention?

At the risk of seeming too hotheaded or biased, I am pretty damn tolerant of campus groups, even those whose political/religious message I disagree with. That is to be expected. I don't have to like 'em. However, I am NOT tolerant of a campus group willing to sink as low as the "All n4tural rX For Longer Stronger.. FOR JESUS" type of advertising.

In The Stranger...

wow... I couldn't help but share this with you all...

The Young and the Godly

the last paragraph:
This new form of aggressive Christianity is predicated fundamentally on the idea that reason is a dead end, and that justification comes by faith alone. Monday evening, as a light rain falls on Red Square, and about 50 young people pray, I press James Hua on Shakina's social agenda. "Jesus loves everybody," he says when I ask him what he thinks of gays. "Our goal is to love people, we're not condemning people. However, that's not how God made people," he says.

I can't help but ask these questions:

am I losing my mind or is he and this program extremely hypocritical?

why the hell are you in school if reason is a dead end?

So... apparently God "made people" to tell other people how to live their lives the natural and perfect heterosexual form?

I recommend that Shakira should start new programs on halting masturbation and a ex-gay ministry to be congruent with their idea of what a godly message is.

has this guy ever even taken a human sexuality class?

jimmity christmas!


yea i have this dumb question..

So if it says "cannot be taken for credit if blah blah blah has already been taken." Does that mean I can't get credit for that class even if i HAVE TO take it? Or does it mean that i CANNOT take that class no matter what?? ok ya this is dumb... but ya help!! >.< .. i really need that class since i gotta take the whole series.. x_X