May 20th, 2005

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Here we go again

I make this offer every so often, but if you have pet fish and are rethinking keeping them, let me know and I will take them (no salt water please, I don't have the right equipment). I know someone out there is thinking about taking their fish home for summer vacation and dreading packing it and setting it up at home...let me know. I have some community tanks and a lot of bettas, and there is always room for a few more. I can also rehome them pretty fast if I can't keep them myself.
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(no subject)

The setting: Innocently waiting to cross the street to the Bookstore about an hour ago.

LaRouche robot/idiot: Hey there, want to join the rebellion?
Me: Stop. No.
LaRouche idiot: Whaaat? Come on, why? *Waves satanic publication in my face*
Me: Stop. I have enough toilet paper as it is.
LaRouche idiot: What's a girl like you got to be so sad for?
Me: You. You deeply trouble me.
LaRouche idiot: Come on.. hey where ya going!!?!?!? Come BAAAAACK.

(no subject)

The Shakina Cult has begun BLASTING its music.

I'm sitting indoors on the fourth floor of Mary Gates, and it is loud enough to be clearly heard.. I first thought someone was blasting an overly loud iPod, but there aren't any in the lab.

Religious people on campus: Your right to worship ends where our quiet workspaces begin, you hear? Don't even try pulling this crap when the libraries are in use.
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