May 18th, 2005

registration : what fun!

I registered yesterday at 6 am on the super busy sever and all was going well until I got an error message saying that I had reached my capacity for updating my schedule.

I was angered to say the very least because I dropped and added like 4 times or so, nothing I considered to be excessive, and I wanted to let everyone know that apparently there is a LIMIT on HOW MANY TIMES YOU CAN DROP AND ADD CLASSES!!!! I went to the registration office and got 5 more updates, but still as a rather attentive freshman I personally was unaware of this 'limit' and what the number of drops and adds each student gets per quarter.

Point of story: use your DROPS AND ADDS CAREFULLY!

I was short with the registration lady and told her they should post that at least on myuw or somewhere on the registration page, in the handbooks, in freshman orientation ot SOMEWHERE!

All in all I got an ok schedule.
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(no subject)

So my registration date is June 20th. Oh. My god. That's late!

So I'm curious, is anybody registering later than I am? Anyone at all? D'you guys think I'm fuuucked?
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