May 17th, 2005


Curious about ratios of guys to girls...

So I have a grad student friend whose doing research on computer science education reform, and one of the things he's studying is the giant gender gap that appears in computer science programs; I think the numbers are something astounding like 14% girls and 86% guys enrolled in the major at UW, (but don't quote me on it...) I was wondering if anyone else knew any other numbers for the sciences, for example, Engineering along with all of it's subcategories, or biology, physics or chemistry. Are they as bleak as computer science? Are there any interesting social theories as for why this is the case?

I am double majoring in math an Spanish, and I've noticed, well, that there are a lot more guys in 400-level math classes than there are in Spanish classes. This seems interesting to me.
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Okay so this is a long shot, but here it goes:

arabic 411 is full. this is a problem because 1)it's lame that i have to register absolutely dead last and 2) it is the ONLY language i want to take nad 3) it is very important to me because i want to be able to speak to my family because half of them don't speak english.

SO, is there anyone who got into arabic 411 that would drop and let me have it? it would mean the world to me. let me know!
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Hey fellow UW-ers!
I thought I'd post here about a job opportunity for anyone in psych or social work (or any major really). I graduated from the UW last year in Psychology and know how hard it is to find a job that provides real hands on experience. The place I'm at right now is currently hiring for resident companions. It's a year long commitment at a super nice house. You'd live with 3 other companions, and 4 residents. The residents are referred to us by the fine people at the Harborview inpatient psych ward. It's a wonderful experience, and on top of that you get room and board, great health insurance, and a stipend! Many companions volunteer somewhere else, have a part time job, or attend school as well.

I'm one of the companions here, not the manager or the one doing the hiring. But, I figured I'd post here about the position, since I know the administrative people don't frequent this, or any, LJ community ;)

If you're interested, visit

or reply to this message and I can give you more info!

good evening pricks

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Vox: Voices for Planned Parenthood  : Sex Week present:


Mistress Matisse "Debunking the kink myths"

The pro-dominant who writes for the stranger will be speaking, tomorrow Wednesday May 18th.

8pm Savory 239  Admission is free!


art history 317

is anyone here enrolled in art history 317 for fall quarter? i want to switch studio sections, since i'm in section ab (thurs. 12:30-2:20) and have class right before. either of the other sections would work for me. thanks!!


I'm an incoming freshman, and a part of UDub's appeal was the fact that there are darkrooms right in some of the dorms. I was just wanted to know more about the darkroom situation - I took photo I and II in high school, and I'd like to continue photo as a hobby. Are the darkrooms open to anyone? Are they well-kept? Any more info would be great.
thanks in advance!
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Trailer trash

Hey everyone, I am trying to figure out housing with my roomie right now.
I was wondering if anyone would be willing to rent us their driveway? And if anybody at the UW knows of someone living in a trailer who could give us some tricks.