May 16th, 2005


Rehab 300

Here is another "should I take this class?" question:

I'm about to graduate in 2 quarters, and I need easy 4.0 classes (preferably NW). BUT those classes need to hight class serial number (i.e. ESS 301 and not 101), because I am applying to grad school and those look unfavorably on people "slacking off" their final year.

So, today I got an advertisement for "Rehab 300 - Introduction to Occupational Therapy". It seems like a pretty interesting course, and it's Intro, so it can't be too hard, right? But before I commit, I just wanted to see if there is anybody out there that has taken the course before and can advice me on its ease and/or interest.


P.S.: Other recommendations for classes that fit the above criteria are also welcome.
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I was so disappointed when no one responded to this... and then I realized I posted it to my own journal. *bonk* There weren't even any non-applicable comments...

I was wondering if anyone out there in phys121 would be kind enough to copy the homework problems off tycho and send them to me? I'm taking physics in the fall and wanted to study it over the summer so my load would be a bit lighter (I'd take it in the summer but can't afford it).


just thought i'd note to all in the uw community and maybe get some opinions...

1. anyone have friends or know people who have gotten back any rejection letters from the uw business school? and if so, what majors have they switched to? i'm an econ and int'l studies major not cuz i got rejected but because of the fact that uw's MBA program rarely accepts applicants who earned an undergraduate degree in business here. many of my friends are in panic mode right now with the unforunate letters and they are tired of hearing that "economics is a GREAT substitute."

2. also. i was waiting outside my class today waiting to get in and i was standing by the 4 recycling bins. i'm sure all of you know that they are all specifically marked but as i was waiting, within a 5 minute time span, i watched 6 people throw paper into the bin for cans and plasitic bottles.. maybe because that bin is the tallest? i was standing right next to the paper bin. just something i noticed and had a laugh about.

ok i'm done now.

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Hey all--only three more weeks left! yay! (or...OMG there are only three more weeks left?!?! if you're anything like me)

I was just wondering if anybody that got into a 9:30 or 11:30 Italian 101 section would be willing to trade with me? (Ital 101 I, 2:30-3:20 M-F)?
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stat 390

Has anyone taken stat 390?? is it a hard class?? I've never really learned statistics in depth, but I need to take this class... does anyone have any idea about this class?? I would be glad if u could share anything about it if you have taken it.. thx ^.^

hk street signs

Just a quick question...

I just transfered to the UW last quarter. I am currently commuteing and find that its a bit hard to meet people/ make friends. (Its not because I am anti social or anything) I know it has only been 2 quarters, but does it get easier?? Just wondering if any one has some advice. :)

Thanks ~~
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