May 15th, 2005


I need to start doing something with my life. I am a Finance and econ major and therefore don't have much opportunities to develop myself culturally and in an artistic way. I was wondering if there are any pretty small theatre productions around campus that would be looking for people or having some casting going on. I have a flaw tho, and that is I have a little bit of a French accent, so it doesnt help :-p
But if anybody knows of any resources or where I should look for it would be of great help ;)
THanks in advance, I love you all people
mean girls

quick question

I just want some student perspective on CLAS 320. The professor is rated really well, but
-How is the course load?
-Is the work hard, and time concuming?
-Is the material interesting?

Thanks in advance...Im taking 2 pretty demanding classes and I want a fun entertaining class (VLPA) that is not too demanding.

library fines

Is it possible to get out of paying library fines? I have a $10.50 fine just because I forgot to renew 3 books in time.. there were no holds on them, so it seems kind of stupid that I have to pay that just because I didn't do the online renewal thing.

On an unrelated note: omg, there's actually a vending machine on campus that doesn't rip you off. The Wilcox machine in Kane Hall. It gives you decent size milks that only cost a dollar.