May 14th, 2005

Gulf of Mexico

(no subject)

I want to drop one of my classes with the Annual Drop. If I did so, it would take me down from 9 credits to 4. I have a loan (the un-fanciest one available) and I am afraid if I go down to below part-time, my loan money will be removed and I will all-of-a-sudden owe the school for spring tuition. Is this the case or will my loan still be good?

(Please don't say I should talk to an advisor. I would if they were open on the weekends, but I have to make this drop by Sunday at the latest. I waited too long and am suddenly out of options.)
beachy keen

lab notebook

if someone wants to buy one of those carbon copy notebooks that you use for the sciences, i have one. its has like 10 pages used and i know they're a little pricey so if you don't mind a slightly used one... it has a grid and its 8.5" by 11". leave a message.


How does the grading for Music 185 The Concert Season work? I know you have to go to ten concerts... but that's pretty much all it says online. I was thinking of taking it, just for some extra credits.