May 9th, 2005


last-minute registration questions of the worst kind

Having trouble deciding between a couple history classes:

HSTEU 380 - Scandinavian History to 1720 No instructor indicated for the upcoming autumn quarter, but in the course information catalogue, Terje Leiren is listed.
I'm curious about Scandinavian studies, and this would probably be a class I'd enjoy. But I'm really, really looking at the other one:

HSTEU 406 - European Intellectual History: 19th Century John Toews
This is the class I'd like to take, but the scheduling isn't exactly ideal. However, if it's worth it, I could make it work.

I figure I can register for both tomorrow and just drop whichever one I decide against later. Any opinions that can be offered on the courses or their instructors, I'd appreciate it. Not finding either on Thanks and good luck with all your registration snafus!
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As you all know, today is the beginning of ASUW elections. As an intern, service learner, and advocate for washPIRG I am pleading with you to vote yes for washPIRG! As mentioned in the Daily today, washPIRG works on many public interest issues such as fighting hunger and homelessness, bringing cleaner cars to Washington, and working hard for the reduction of textbook prices. Also noted by the Daily, voting for washPIRG is voting for choice. Our winning  this election will keep our OPTIONAL $3 donation box on the registration page of myuw. Voting yes does not mean that you yourself are commiting to donating, you are simply making it so that any student, if they so choose, will be able to donate and give us the funding we need to continue our work.

WashPIRG is a NON-PARTISAN public interest group. We take all volunteers and all suggestions. We do our work for you, the students, and our surrounding community. We hope to make the world a great place, but if we don't get the votes we need, there will be no more washPIRG. This funding is crucial!!



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(no subject)

If you're a UW student and you're reading this, I need you to do me a favor and
go vote right now.

Here are the people on the Represent Team (they got screwed over and it doesn't
say Represent next to their names like it should)

President - Lee Dunbar
Vice President - Ashley Miller
Community Relations - Hala Dillsi
Diversity Efforts - Miranda Bethay
Faculty, Administration, and Academic Affairs - Jonathan Lee
Operations - Karl Smith
Organizational Relations - Cullen White
Programming - Ezana Emmanuel

Vote HERE!

These people are AMAZING! Click here to read all about each person. Also be sure to visit to learn more and vote! Send
this link to your friends.

This is our chance to turn the ASUW around, to return it to the students. No
one constituency should entriely control student government and that is what
Represent is all about - we've got Greeks, RHSA students, ECC members, and
people from all sorts of RSOs. Let's make it happen!

Also, Represent is the only ticket to be endorsed by both the Residence Hall Student Association, the Greek system (United Greek Council, most got the IFC endorsement, Panhellenic), the Young Democrats, and the Ethnic Cultural Center. Do yourself a favor and vote!!!


As you all know, today is the beginning of ASUW elections.

Vote no on washPIRG. They are an obviously political organization (even if they are non-partisan, which is a joke) that should not receive any special treatment from the university. If they have a spot for donations when we all register, so should the boffing club, the chess club, and most other organization. They do not represent the student body in any form and their issues are not university issues. They should not receive special treatment.

Also, vote squirrel.


I disagree with the last post by munncha

just because some people that make up WashPIRG are left-leaning
does not mean that the group is partisan

with that logic, the majority of clubs on this campus would be partisan

WashPIRG has not officially endorsed any candidates to my knowledge

in my opinion,
WashPIRG focus is to inform, NOT endorse

I have watched WashPIRG closely because my office is across the hall.

WashPIRG have some really good programs -- and people who are committed to social justice

for instance, the hunger and homelessness campaign -- which raised over $3,000 for our local food banks.
WashPIRG assembled over 100 volunteers and really helped to make a difference city and county-wide.

I remember a director at a food bank so thankful for hard work, sweat, and money raised through WashPIRG. in my opinion, efforts like that make our campus look good.

anyways, I'd ask that people learn more about the program before you tell people how they should vote ...

and just to let you know, you misspelled the name of the organization,
it's WashPIRG, not WashPRIG.


Okay, I've read and the official registration page, but I wanted to know about people's experiences with audited classes.

I'm registered for Art 258 this summer, but I already have about a year's worth of useless credits, so I'd like to avoid getting credit for it if possible. The web pages say that auditing students can't participate in discussions or lab work. Art 258 is basically *only* lab work from what I understand. Do instructors actually pay attention to those restrictions?
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I looked at the memories section under registration and didn't see anything applicable...

I know for some classes only a certain number of people can register each day. However, I was wondering this: if people are scheduled to register the next day, they can't register until 6:00 am. Can the people who were allowed to register the previous day register for the class as soon as the clock turns to the next day, or do they too have to wait until 6:00am? I think I remember being able to register at midnight of 'the next day' for a couple classes, but I'm not sure.
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(no subject)

Not to drag attention away from ASUW elections or anything...

I'm looking for someone to speak Spanish with. Once a week. Preferably someone here, in the U District. Walk down to the ave, grab some coffee, lunch, whateva. I'm good at Spanish. I understand it and write it well, but I can't do the oral presentations to save my life. Maybe it's because I'm in front of so many people, I don't know. Anyway, all I ask is that you are in/have taken at least a Spanish 200-level class. Male, female; grad student, freshman... don't care. Come on, first week, I'll buy.

Election questions

So I'm just wondering: does anyone think the ASUW is actually effective at doing anything? I'd honestly like to hear an argument in favor of what the ASUW does, since as of late there has been a fair amount of sentiment against them.

Right now I'm leaning more towards the 'inefficient high school-like student beaurocracy only good for building resumes' camp, but I'd like to hear some arguments from the other side of the fence (provided that there are any, that is).
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Early Fall Start Seminar choices

I'm an incoming freshman from Boston MA, very interested in doing the early fall start. However, I have no idea what seminar to take. I checked the memories, and I couldn't find any efs course advice, so I'm wondering if any of you had any advice. I don't want to be in over my head, but at the same time I don't want to be in a notoriously slacker class.
Suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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I need braces. I don't want braces. But I need them. (for my teeth.) I don't want to go "home" (Everett) once a month to see an orthodontist, so I figured I'd find one in/near the u-district. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good one in the area? I have insurance, so cost isn't an issue...I just need one who will listen to what I want done (ie: not try to break my jaw like my last ortho wanted done) and do it well. I have a car, so a short drive isn't an issue. thanks.
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(no subject)

anyone know if there's anywhere in the u-district or surrounding environs that sells grape CRUSH? i'm after the actual crush brand in grape flavor. apparently it's not sold everywhere...any help would be much appreciated.
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