May 7th, 2005

nyanko cherry biscuit

Operation Husky Stadium

So.. is "OHS" actually worth going to? I probably will anyway because it's free, but are the activities actually fun or are they lame? I've never been big on the "pep rally" type competitions, which it sounds like there are a lot of.
fleur de lys

time for u pass question

I dont remember where to look online, so I figured I'd post here: anyone know/remember when summer qtr UPasses will be in the mail? I dont think my master plan will work because I think the school has caught on to it- but i registered for summer qtr but I think i'm going to drop the class and just take it fall qtr, but I dont absolutely have to spend the $800 to take this one class during summer, so i'll just take it in the fall.. Although having the UPass would be super nice, seeing as how I am most likely going to be working on campus this summer, and commuting to seattle from Auburn, ... after I get myself out of my apt lease (since I'd rather just take the time to commute rather than pay the $450 rent..) ..

anywho, enjoy your Sat everyone.. I'll be studying for a sunday morn ESC exam, suckfest

Food Account Question

Hey guys, I have some questions about my Ala card account... I have $476 left to spend in 4 weeks... does anyone know how much I have to spend in order to get a refund on my money? Or will they refund all of it regardless? ALso, if I am going to be a returning resident in the fall, does my food account carry over to September? Thanks in advance for answering, the HFS website is pretty crappy and not a lot of help. :)