May 6th, 2005

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Hi. Over a month ago, i ot interviewed for the alumni board scholarship. They said I would find out by the end of april whether I received it or not. I still don't know and I'm getting really anxious and a tad worried. has anyone else heard?

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I'm a senior dental student at the University of Washington School of Dentistry. I will receive my DDS degree on June 4th, but will be taking my board licensing exams on June 16th-18th. To complete the exam, I need to find patients who need fillings and a deep cleaning. If you qualify for the exam, you will receive the dental treatment for free, plus cash to make it worth your time. If you are interested in being a patient, please read below to see if you qualify.

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OMG Registration!

This is not a question about classes, but I just realized that registration began today and that I register next week. Usually there are registration posts, but maybe people have forgot. I just wanted to remind everyone to get ready for registration for fall quarter! Kthxbye!
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I'm concerned about being able to graduate on time due to the scarcity of upper-level classes being offered in my majors (Philosophy and Latin). My question is twofold:

1. Will I likely be screwed if I try to take three 400-level Philosophy classes at the same time? They are actually offering the ones I want to take in Autumn, and I don't want to miss them.

2. Are there typically more 400-level Latin courses offered in Winter and/or Spring? There are only two being offered for Autumn, and they interest me very little, but I don't want to dismiss them if I'm not going to get more choices later.

My tentative plan here is to complete my Philosophy requirements in fall and split the 9 3-credit Latin courses I'll need between the latter two quarters. I'll be meeting with my departmental advisors too, but I wanted to consult the wisdom of uw just in case any of you have experience with any of the above. I offer my thanks in advance.

Yes, I know graduating late isn't the end of the world, but my finances are limited and I have no idea how I'd pay for a fifth year.
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Sorry to post again so soon; I just wanted to see if anyone had insight into the difficulty, level of interest, etc. of these classes (I need to pick two in addition to seven other credits and don't want to overload myself): Social Philosophy (PHIL 410), Ethics (440), Epistemology (450), Metaphysics (456), and British Empiricism (436).

No more from me after this, I promise. ;)

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I know I'm supposed to reserve/RSVP/whatever you want to call it to the graduation ceremony online, but I can't find the page. I didn't get an email, it isn't linked on the main page, and a search of the site didn't pull it up. I have no idea why they're hiding it, but I can't find it. Anyone know where it is? (This is for the big stadium graduation, not the department-specific ceremony, for which I got an email. Which was blank.)

Those crazy Collective kids

Hey, anyone else see the mayhem that went on at about 11:30 today in the quad? I'm talkin' Ninjas vs. Pirates vs. Robots battling on the lawn for ten minutes during passing. I was curious if anyone snapped some photos, because that was just too funny. Please post 'em (or link 'em) if you've got 'em!