May 3rd, 2005


My friend and I want to live in McCarty next year, but before we go to CYA, can anyone tell me pros and cons of North and South, and are any floors better than others, etc...thanks! Oh, and I have already checked memories and didn't find what I wanted there!!!

Residence Hall (Dorm) Survey

Since there have been many questions about dorming and residence halls, I've decided to make a survey to answer these questions. Anyone who has lived in a residence hall, please do take a few minutes of your time to fill this out. If you've lived in more than one residence hall, please fill out a separate survey. Lastly, please explain and be detailed when answering. Thank you, your time and answers are much appreciated by me and the LJ community.

Note: If anyone has a question they want me to add onto the survey, please do not hesitate to tell me.

Residence Hall:
Time Lived Here:
How Big Were The Rooms:
Perks Of The Room:
Favorite Things About Living Here:
Least Favorite Things:
Social/Un-Social Place:
How Were The Bathrooms:
The People:
Your Roommate:
Would You Dorm Here Again If You Had The Chance:
Overall, Rank This Dorm On A Scale From 1-10 (10 Highest, 1 Lowest):
Other Comments/Advice:

Venting my frustration.

As a future UW student, I claim my right to bitch and moan here. Sorry if some of it's off-topic.

Gripe with my school:
Course approvals. If any of you have ever been a visiting student to any school, whether "on permit" or as an exchange, or something else, you've probably dealt with this shit. I made a big list of courses I hope to take at UW next year, and within the next 2 weeks I have to have all them approved by various departments at my college. The issue is that UW has a few hundred more departments than my school does, and so it's hard find equivalents. The other issue is that my school is occupied by morons. Morons. Going through this process is like visiting a bureaucratic petting zoo. Except that would be a lot more fun. The advisors I have to speak to can't seem to grasp that the reason I am going away in the first place is to take courses that aren't offered here. They like to say, "I'm sorry but we don't have anything like this here. I don't know what to do." *gnashes teeth*

Gripe with your school:
UW has not issued me a Net ID/ PAC(?) yet. As far as I know there is no way for me to apply for housing until they do so. A letter said that after I turned in a few documents they'd send me info on applying for housing, and I'm still waiting. It's irritating that not only will I be registering after everybody else, it seems I'll also be applying for housing after everybody else. D'you guys think I should be worried at this point about housing, or is there still a decent amount of time?

Thanks for letting me complain. The stress is ridiculous.


I have a midterm tomorow to study for, and no one is posting on the UW community. Considering reading what is going on in UW's livejournal is my main procrastination device. I am at a loss. So please post something so that it gives me something to do. I will keep on hitting refresh until someone post something, thanks.

Sincerely yours,
Hate Stats311