April 29th, 2005

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Feminist Identity Survey

I need to find a lot of people in the Seattle metropolitan area to take this survey for a Sociology course I am currently enrolled in. The survey explores various variables and how they may influence an individual's feminist identity. I'm anticipating getting more female responses than males, so all males are especially encouraged to submit the survey. Thank you!

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ATTN: All UW Students! We are a student run technology group promoting

the FREE use of our mind blowing new system!

Connecting the University of Washington to the World

You can use this to talk to any one in the world

Connect Face to Face with UW’s very own state of the art

Easy to use Tandberg Video Conferencing System

If you have a need to:

Get in touch with friends abroad or at other universities

Speak to other students from around the world for foreign language classes

Prepare for a study abroad trip by meeting with native students in that country

Do an interview for a job or internship… the possibilities are endless!

Do it with style

Available for use to all current UW students and faculty for FREE

Check out our website or email us to reserve it today!
UW Videoconferencing Homepage

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Jason Webley (UW alumnus) show tomorrow

Jason Webley is a UW alumnus who has occasionally played in Red Square and at the University Street Fair in the past. He's got a picnic tomorrow afternoon and a concert tomorrow evening, both of which are all-ages and should be fun. I apologize if you've already seen this notice on seattle_events or elsewhere; I'm just trying to get the last-minute word out.

Jason Webley

Being an afternoon and evening
of fun, music and games in two parts.
More info here.

-Seattle, WA-
April 30
Part 1:
1 pm - Potluck Picnic
Woodland Park Picnic Area #1
$3 suggested donation
bring a tomato!

Part 2:
8 pm - Evening Concert
Paradox Theater
1401 NW Leary Way
All Ages - $9

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So, I was visiting with a friend on campus and she mentioned that a friend of ours is a Senior, but is still under what she referred to as an "Extended Pre Major". I tried perusing the UW site for more information on this, but perhaps I missed it. Does anyone know what this means? I guess I'm just curious as to how a she, after 4.5 years of being at the UW, is a premajor of any kind (?). Thanks in advance.
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campus fashion

a friend of mine told me she saw a woman on campus wearing a white and green cycling shirt with the name "JOE BAUER" printed large on the front. umm, that's MY name, why is it on some lady's shirt?! i'm sure that it was not in reference to me, but still, if by any chance anyone knows this woman, or the story behind the shirt, it would be helpful. thanks guys. -joe
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(no subject)

So I just got my email from HFS today telling me when my day is to come in and pick a room for next year, and it said that I didn't request a quiet area, when I thought I did. And apparently I can't change my application at all anymore. Does anyone know of a way to get around this? Do you think if I called HFS tomorrow it would do any good?