April 26th, 2005

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So, I know that this may be a long shot, but I wanted to try anyway...

To the person sitting outside of Hansee (specifically, on that path between Hansee and Denny Field) playing the guitar at around midnight/one AM - good job =) I really enjoyed having you serenade me while I was doing anatomy and Spanish! It was really relaxing! Thanks bunches.

For everyone that says that this is an irrelevant post to the UW LJ - well, let me tell you guys, it's really nice to be serenaded (even unintentionally) by guitar music when you're doing homework at night.
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a quiet coffee shop near UW-- does such a thing exsist?

*checked the memories--couldn't find what i was looking for*

I am wondering if anyone can suggest a coffee shop around UW that is quiet enough for an interview of sorts. Usually I get my coffee at Parnassus or Solstice, but I am looking for someplace a little more conducive to conversation and open til at least 7. I know there is that one by Magus books that is hidden from Ave. Traffic-- Allegro, maybe? Anyone know how late they are open? (need to meet there at 5:45, and probably finish up by 7ish).

Thanks for your help!
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Asshole fear?!

Here's my theory...people aren't posting in this journal lately because they are afraid of an "invasion of the assholes" in that they don't want to be harassed by the well known UW community assholes. Thoughts?

ARCH 150

Hey guys, I had to miss my arch 150 lecture today because otherwise I would miss my review session for my soc 110 midterm. So anyway, i heard through the grapevine that there was a take home quiz bout architecture hall. could anyone post the specifics about it? THANKS SO MUCH. this is a great help. :)

Where can I find a student photographer?

I am looking to have someone take pictures at my wedding (and not charge me my first born to do so) and I figured that a student photographer building their portfolio may be just who I am looking for. I am wondering if anyone knows of a job-board or something to that effect where I could get in touch with UW student photographers? I looked on the departmental webpage for the art department and didn't see anything, any other advice?

PS If you know anyone who does this sort of thing- let me know!! Thanks so much!
Washington at my friends house, A picture of me in Bellevue

Qualifying for residency tuition.

I want to go to the UW but I don't qualify for in state tuition rates. I've been attending college for the last two years in Bellevue. I need to make the residency dep think that I've been living here for non educational purposes so I can qualify for residency rates. My plans are currently to work for a year and scale back the classes I am currently taking at my current college. I have immense insecurities about these plans since even if I do work I might not qualify for in state tuition rates.
My question to the UW community is, has anyone here been unjustly turned down for in state tuition? As in, you followed through on everything they asked you to do here: http://www.washington.edu/students/reg/residency.html#Q4 and been turned down for in state residency anyways? Are there any departments I should go to in order to ask about residency rates? Thank you for your help.
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private tutor??

alright does anyone know anyone or or a tutoring place that does private tutoring specifically in organic chemistry?? my sister needs someone who is very knowledgable on the topic, and maybe even a tutor who has some PCAT's experience. she's looking to take the test in october and would like a broad but thourough lesson perhaps over this summer. she can't take the series until this coming fall b/c the pharm school doesn't take the organic chem intensive series that the UW offers over summer.

she's in desperate need of help and is willing to pay a good amount of money! thanks.