April 21st, 2005

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I'm flying up next Friday to visit the campus (from California) and I was wondering if talking to some sort of advisor or admissions person about my waitlisting status would help my chances of getting in, or even just hearing earlier. Or would it be pretty pointless?

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Autumn registration.

When is registration for Autumn quarter? I'm sure it's different for different people, but I'm not sure where I'll be in line as an exchange. I think my reg date is somewhere in June. Is that later than everybody else? Here at my school we register for Fall during the Spring semester, well before Summer break, so this registering in June thing makes me nervous. I'll mostly be registering for ENVIR and related courses; dunno if they fill up fast.

Extra Weezer ticket for sale

Hey everyone. I have an extra ticket to the long-sold-out Weezer concert at the Moore next Wednesday, April 27. It's for a general admission seat in the lower balcony, and I'm asking $37.80, which is what I paid for it.

Comment if you're interested. Thanks in advance!
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Not so sure how useful this would be but if anyone would like to have a COM 201 course pack from fall 2004 for free from Prof D. Domke's class let me kno, dont really wanna throw it out, but dont really wanna keep it either :) its pretty big, lots of articles, just dont have a need for it... Thanx~
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I was just curious as to what the student body (or at least the ones on LJ) recommend as a good and interesting VLPA. I am really lacking some VLPA so I want to get them out of the way before I enter my major.

Thanks in advance...


Hi, I was recently admitted to UW and will attend this fall. I was just wondering about the dorms. Are there private bathrooms or are there floor bathrooms?

Also, what dorm do you all live in and which ones do you recommend? I signed up for Terry because of International House (#1), McMahon(#2), McCarty (#3), and then Lander(#4).

Thanks for the help in advance. :D

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random buildings on campus were supposed to have earthquake drills this morning. my class and my prof ignored it cuz there is no way we could have gotten under our desks (those rows of desks in bagley with the swingy chairs attached). did anyone actually participate in the drill?