April 20th, 2005

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is there anyway to start a petition that uw would actually listen to, to switch the registration time to 10pm or midnight? something that is more reasonable? i know that registrations happen at midnight for other schools. seriously the effin stress from everything plus this morning is tearing my stomach in half. the amount of stress that most seem to endure and break in much needed sleep seems unneeded. so if anyone has any ideas or suggestions or reasons that uw enjoys doing registration really early and what might be possible to change about it throw them out there.
by lj_cazthehobbit

good veggie lunches?

My schedule this week between the class I teach, the student writing conferences, and the three classes that I take has been so crazy that I've barely had time to eat! And of course, this means that I feel like crap and am running on adrenaline. Today I've actually got time to eat lunch off campus, and I'm craving fruit and vegetables. Is Flowers my best bet? Or are there other places nearby with good salads/steamed vegetables (really, anything except fried vegetables) is fine...

Thanks in advance!

Photography classes

I was planning on taking Beginning Photography in the summer but for some reason between last night and 8 this morning 50 slots were taken so i signed up for Photo Visualization. It's in the 200 level and there are no pre-req's so i'm assuming beginners take the class. My question is how different is it from the beginners photography, and can someone who has little experience with the camera survive this photo visualization class? thanks!
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just interested-

How many of you guys keep fish here? Or wherever you live? When you reply, please tell me what size tanks (if you're comfortable doing so) and what kind of fish you have. I'm just curious.

Tunnel of Oppression - Actors Wanted!!

Hi Everyone,
My name is Kali, and I am one of the RAs in Haggett Hall contributing to our annual "Tunnel of Oppression." The tunnel is an interactive look into oppression in society today. It's taking place on Thursday, April 28th (next week!) from 10am-7pm in HUB 108.

My friend Megan and I are working on a room themed about sexual oppression of women in the United States. For part of our room, we wanted to have a couple scenes to show the double standard in attitudes toward sex between men and women. We need actors for this! If you are interested in taking part in this enlightening program, please contact me at hermione@u.washington.edu within the next couple days, letting me know a name, a phone # you can be reached at, and what hours you are available on the 28th. We don't expect anyone to be there the whole nine hours; I wll be scheduling people in shifts, and if you can only do half an hour, that's great too! Any talent level is appreciated, even if you've never acted before. So please contact me, the email again is hermione@u.washington.edu

And if you're not interested in acting, be sure to drop by that day to see what the tunnel is all about! Some of the other rooms include: homophobia, oppression of women in the Middle East, adultism, religious oppression, etc. Admission is FREE!!!!

Just out of curiousity...

Who welcomed in Spring (finally!) by taking advantage of free ice cream day at B&J in the U Village?

I know I did! Heck, it was a fabulous way to waste an hour of time (that I could've spent doing something like studying) by waiting in line for a free ice cream cone. Putting off studying, an hour in the sun, and free ice cream? What more could a college student want?!
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Chem 223 and 224 (summer)

I am looking at taking the organic-chem short series (223 and 224)this summer and wanted to get someone's personal insight on the class.

A few questions I have...
-Do you recommend the classes (summer program, 2 quarters in 1)
-Was it too much information to get in during the summer
-How did you do in the class (was it hard, easy...)
-Do you recommend taking a 5 credit class on top of 223 and 224 over the summer?

Thanks, any personal information on the classes would be great!

Dogs at UW

Hi people,

I will be joining UW in the Fall, and moving to your beautiful city with my dog.

I need to get some information on apartments close to school which not only allow pets, but allow dogs of his size. He is 60 lbs. Ideally it should be a neighborhood that is quiet and has a park nearby but is reasonably close to campus.

Do any of you have any pointers? I am looking more for personal experiences, or experiences of friends, or pet-specific resources, rather than general housing web search tools.

Also, does anyone know of a UW student group or resource or mailing-list for UW students with pets? Dawgs info for dogs?


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for those of you who have taken the biochem 426 lab course, was there a lot of work outside of the actual lab? I know that its 4 credits for 8 hours of lab, so im hoping it's not too much work, but i just thought i'd ask. any other general opinions on it? thanks!