April 18th, 2005

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Summer Advising

I'm terribly sorry if this question was posted in a previous entry...

I'm going to be a Freshman at the U this Fall and I was wondering -- which Summer Advising event did you choose? The One-Day Summer Advising or the Two-Day Summer Advising Session? Was it good or bad? Thanks!!!
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Southern Girl Seeks Cloudy Day

Hey Everyone!

My name is Amy and I fare from the fair state of North Carolina. I just accepted my offer of admission to the Evans School at UW, so now I'm bound to Seattle come September!

I wondered if anyone else was in/knows of people in the Evans School - being so far away, I can't go to some of the events they're having in the Spring, so I can't meet as many people.

Also, if someone wants an awesome roommate in the fall, I'm so the girl you're looking for ;)

Finally - favorite place to hang out on campus?
Top of my head



So, today ranks the weirdest in my UW career. Today, since I am graduating in 7ish weeks, I was taking picture of the campus; it’s a nice day out. I started taking picture of Allen Library, and then, I progressed to red square. If you are a UW student, you have to take a couple of that place. So, as I began taking pictures, I decided to take some pictures, panoramic style, so I did, taking the widest shots my camera can take. So... I’m minding my own business, snapping shots of Suzzallo library, when some elderly lady walks up to me, and grabs the strap of my camera, my camera was mounted on a tripod. I take hold of the body of my SLR. She proceeds to tell me that I took a clear and precise shot of her, while she was sitting in front of the library. If I did, she would be a tiny spec on my image, since I was near the raised platforms near the far side of the square.

In any case, she would not let go, and then claims that I violated a federal law and that I would be charged with a felony. I told her, if you say so, she told me that she alerted an officer and that security would come. (um... security at the UW is handled by UW officers... WTF?) So I wait, in the middle of red square, for about 10 minutes, for the cop that she said she alerted. Meanwhile, she tells me that I had cast a Wicca spell on her, and that I was sending message into her head. At that point, you can understand what I was thinking. WTF? So after that 10 minutes, I call the police, 911, they transfer me to UW police, and they come after another 5 minutes.

She, mind you, started yelling at the cops, and still would not let go of my camera. She finally relents and gives the camera to the officer, I also let go. She would not let the officer give the camera back to me, and I end up getting the camera back, and I tell her that I would erase my 70 some shots I already took. I was pissed. She also said, she wanted me in court because the UW is a super secret confidential property, and I can't take images of this security sensitive area.

So... if you see a elderly aged woman with a blue coat, and what looks like a oversized camera bag, walking around campus, don’t take any pics, or she might grab your camera and, oh yeah, claim that you have cast a Wicca spell on her, and your camera is her property because you took a pic of her.

Andrew Lee, Senior, Signing off.