April 14th, 2005



hi, i'm going to be attending the U this fall, as a freshman. just wondering if anyone has advice for the first school year. thanks!
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Study Abroad this summer!

Thinking of studying abroad this summer? CHID still has spots open for Prague, Czech Republic and are still accepting people so definitely check it out if you are interested. The program is from June 18-August 20.

For more info, click here.

It's a beautiful city, especially if you want to travel to somewhere a little less busier than Rome/Paris/London. Also, the Czech Republic is not on the euro so it's a little cheaper to travel there than the rest of Europe.

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Hiii folks, I've recently been admitted to UW as a freshmen for the 2005 fall quarter!

But, everything UW sends me is very confusing, esp. the information they gave me about housing.
(I've checked the memories, btw).

I've filled out my housing application, and put my preferences (I really want to live in Lander with a random roommate) and sent my money off. So how long does it take for them to process my app and send me back a confirmation about where I'm going to be living?
They sent me an e-mail saying they'd e-mail my roommate information in August. What the heck? Should I assume their going to send me info about where I'm staying before they send me my roommate info? Blah!

Also, I'm considering the FIG program .. What is your opinion about FIG and will it ultimately help me in the long run or is it a waste of my money and time?

Thanks, loves.

--EDIT: Thanks for all your comments people, I really appreciate your opinions!

major question

i was recently admitted and i noticed that my major was under pre-health sciences.
i do want to attend their pharmacy school, however, will pre-health sciences help cover my two years of pre-reqs for pharmacy?
also, if anyone has this major what should i expect? [classes, etc]
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coffee time..

I thought there was a Caffe Vita cafe location right behind the U Village, but I guess I'm thinking of some other cafe.. Any one know of a place around the u district where I can possibly get some caffe vita coffee, somewhere that isn't the Design coffee shop in ARCH and Gould halls, because I know of those, I'm just wondering if there are some other places around town with Caffe Vita coffee.. Or I supppose, if anyone has any great suggestions of some really good coffee around here, I'll take those too. I have to branch beyound Starbucks- theyre really pricey and sort of bland anyways.