April 12th, 2005


Upcoming Shows

Upcoming Shows:

All Ages, FREE (Husky Den)
Blue Scholars w/ Lightheaded, Specs One & Fraggle Rock
Friday, April 15th, 730 pm
Wristband required for admission. Available at the HUB ticket office on 4/15 starting at noon for UW students with ID, 6pm for general public.

All ages
The Shins w/ The Brunettes
Friday, May 13th, 8pm
$15 student tickets at the HUB (nearly sold out), $22 general public through TicketsWest.
University of Washington @ Hec Ed.

Roomate question.

On the housing application for Fall quarter if you requested a roommate... what are the chances of getting assigned to that person if we applied to the same housing and by now?

I know it said something like that in the FAQ but I wanted to get some community input.
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movie nights in the hub

got a question for y'all - if i'm going to see a movie in the hub on the usual weds night, how early should i be there to make sure i get into the theater and get 'good seats'? when i went to see sahara, we were there an hour and half early and there were still a lot of people, but that was a sneak preview and all... i wasnt sure about reg. movie nights. ok any help is much appreciated :)

Grad student housing

Hi All,

I'm 90% sure that I'll come to UW for grad school. So here is my question: where do the grad students live? I lived at Stevens Court one summer and hated it, so off campus would be nice. I plan to have a car, although staying on a bus line and within 5 miles of campus would be nice. I will have a roommate and we are willing to spend $1000-$1300 (total) on rent. So where is the grad student posse?

Also, during interviews I was taken on a tour and we drove through Moscow. Where is Moscow? I can't find it on any map and not even on google!



MP3 Player

Hey everyone. I don't mean to spam the community or anything by this, but I wanted to offer this to a UW student (As a student myself I am always looking for some type of deal), and this seems like the best place I can think of off hand. If you feel that this is out of place here, or have a suggestion for a better place please feel free to delete or tell me a better place. But yeah, anyway...

I have a Rio Cali MP3 player with AM/FM radio that I would like to sell. It is a great, hardy little guy that fits in the palm of the hand:

I’ve never had a problem with it, it works beautifully but as a hard-core music fan I would prefer to have something that can hold a greater selection of my music. But, if you want a MUCH cheaper option than an ipod which has sound quality that is equal to the ipod…this guy could be a great workout/walk to class companion. I have owned it since Christmas, no scratches, will sell for $50. (Half of the original price) And if you buy it I will pre-load it up with the type of music you like. If you want details, respond with your email and I will email you everything. Check it out:

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