April 11th, 2005


HFS = Highly Falsified Site

I'm fed up with HFS. You can't get a straight answer out of them on pretty much anything. I emailed them pointing out inconsistencies in their information and how frustrating it was, and they just responded with even more inconsistent information! A second email pointing this out was simply ignored. It's been a little over three weeks since my last email to them, so they've had plenty of time to respond. So, I decided to post all about HFS's incompetency. The rest of the post is cut because it contains several small images (HFS claimed the problems have been fixed, so I decided to get photographic proof that they weren't).

Old issues that they've admitted to messing up onCollapse )
The Husky Card SnafuCollapse )
Read this if you plan on eating on campusCollapse )

So in summary, HFS doesn't know what the hell it's doing. I wouldn't normally make such a big issue out of it, except that they don't seem to care, and it's severely inconvenienced me several times in the past. Furthermore, if they can't even get such trivial things right, how can you be sure that they've giving you truthful information about housing, your Husky Card/A La Carde account, etc? I'm not sure that you can.
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free movie tickets

what moive: a lot like love
when: wed arpil 13th
where: the metro, near the freeway

ticket admits two people. it advises to arrive early.

my boss gave this to me but i dont want it. first come first serve. leave a comment or email me.

i am free tuesday 1:30-3:30 for you to pick up the ticket, or wednesday at 12:30, other wise im at work or in class.

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Have any of you taken UW online courses? I'm thinking about taking a com class or two over the summer just to get some classes for my major taken care of. I haven't taken an online class before, so I wanted some thoughts/experiences/whatever. I plan to work over the summer, but it's in an office of a family friend so I'm pretty sure I'd be able to take care of some of the coursework there. I'm just looking for any experiences, good or bad, with online classes... And, if I remember correctly, they don't count toward my actual UW GPA, but would count toward their own little online-class GPA. I think I recall an advisor telling me that awhile back. Does anyone know for sure?


i don't know if this is "safe" to post here but i don't know who else to ask... what are the uw hub addresses for dc++?

if you don't wanna post them here, you can email them to me. [helloeverlong@aol.com] thanks.
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Okay, I'm really curious about this 'national dean's list' thing. I've gotten it a few times in the last several years, but I know what my grades have been for the last year, and if anyone recommended that I 'receive this award' then they're an idiot. Is it just some money making scheme for the book? Is who's who the same thing?



well damn. i'm soooo fucking sorry for posting that. some of you are way too uptight. anyway, you can all stop commenting on that post because i get the picture.
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Anyone else ever see the Odegard ducks? I see the same 2 ducks outside the library all the time. I also see them on the HUB lawn and parts of the quad. So cute!`

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hi! another "i'm visiting" post. so i'm visiting!! yay! is there any type of deal where i can go see classes in session and that type of thing? i'll call admissions tomorrow to see what's available.

thanks :)

EDIT! i'm interested in seeing a psych, classics, astronomy, or lit lecture.. so pretty open ended. somebody be my friend so i don't get totally lost! not sure EXACTLY when i'll be there, but within the next week and a half.
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Seattle Jewish Community

So I am taking SOC 377: American Jewish Community and I was wondering if anyone knew about Jewish life in Mercer Island. I'm not from Washington, but I have heard that it is one of the biggest Jewish Areas in Seattle. So, if anyone had info on that, I wouldn't mind hearing about it. I am writing a paper of Seattle Jewish Life and I have already been to Hillel, but I wanted to look at communities that were more family and community oriented. Thanks for the help.
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