April 6th, 2005

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I know the housing questions get old really quickly, but I'm looking at single rooms for next year, and I was wondering if anyone knew which dorm would be the best for that. I want to be on north campus. Are they all the same price in each dorm? Size? I keep getting conflicting info.

grad student apartments?

I'm starting my Ph.D. at UW in the fall (neurobiology and behavior, and SO excited). When I visited, I got the impression that grad students get their own apartments off-campus most of the time. Is that true? I found out through some web searching that there are grad student apartments that are owned by the university; does anyone live in those? Are they nice, or expensive? Do you get to choose your roommates, or is it random?

Any advice would be great. I'm moving across the country to Seattle and it would be nice to alleviate some housing anxiety.
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Any other UW employees out there who understand the UW's pay schedule? Why is it always like two and a half weeks between paychecks? I thought I was getting paid on Friday, but I'm getting paid on Monday, of all days. Why?
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uw alumni board scholarship

Hi. I applied for the UW alumni board scholarship and today I got a call informing me that i'd been invited for the interview. I was just wondering what sorts of questions to expect. Will they be questions related to my personal statement? or what? Does anyone who has gone through this remember?
Kirk - Dare You

Tips for buying Shins tickets

I work at the ticket office, so please pay attention.

*Buy them tomorrow. We will sell out. We have under 400 left and we sold over 600 today.
*Bring your student ID. You do not have it, we will not sell you the tickets.
*There's a 4 ticket limit per ID. No matter how much you plead, we will not sell you that 5th ticket.
*There's a $.25 service charge on each ticket. i.e. one ticket will be $15.25, two tickets will be $30.50, and so on. If you're really cool, you'll have exact change so we don't have to run away to get more quarters or buy more ones.
*No credit or debit cards. Cash, check, or Husky Card only. We don't have the machinery to take credit or debit. Save yourself some time and be prepared.

If you don't get your ticket today, general price go on sale on Saturday through TicketsWest for $22 each.