April 5th, 2005

oh shit son run!

Elvis Costello/Sondre Lerche TICKET

ticket for elvis costello and sondre lerche @ the paramount. this THURSDAY 8pm

turns out one of my friends was able to get a seat for me in the 7th row!! so anyone wants this, first come first serve. its a very decent seat just on the left side of the balcony. i bought my ticket for $68.45 and its in the mezzanine aisle 11, row d, seat 7. im thinking $55-$65 especially since the show is now sold out. but yeah, please do hit me up and dont miss this chance to see elvis costello or sondre lerche!

i live in mercer and can easily meet anyone at 1101 or anywhere on campus really.


I am registered for 10 credits, and I need 2 more to get full-time status. Does the carlson center offer any opportunities to do volunteer/service learning NOT tied to a class for credit? As in, something I can do independently? I'm really getting desperate for a flexible way to get 2-3 credits so I can be a full-time student. Thanks.

EDIT: the reason I need to be full-time is because a scholarship I am applying for requires me to be full-time, not for regular financial aid purposes. Is full/part time status based on quarterly schedules, or do they want you to complete 45 credits in a year? My google-fu is weak tonight, so i appreciate the help.
Gulf of Mexico

The 19.5 Rule.

Anyone who works for UW has most likely heard that student employees are not allowed to work more than 19.5 hours in any given week. If you have bosses like mine, it has been ground into your brain to keep you under the line and awake at night.

What happens if you go over?

I am working two UW jobs and I want to get as much out of them as I possibly can since I am piss poor right now and my 9 credit schedule isn't holding me back. However the 19.5 rule still stands as both jobs combined can't exceed the magic number and I think that is crap. I don't want the school to protect me from myself. Are there any dire consequences if I break this Golden Rule of Student Employment? What are they? Is there a way to file for a personal exception thing so I can get around it?

Thanks. (I also emailed my payroll guy with this question, but I figure you guys will answer faster.)

EDIT: Thanks for the quick replies. It is nice to know that the school is just protecting itself with these rules rather than its student workforce. I always thought it was weird that they would be so concerned with students over-extending themselves. The benefits issue makes more sense.