April 3rd, 2005


Looking at housing.

Where should I live on campus?! I know that's a crazy question. But they all look rather nice. Fuck compared to the sorry excuse for a residence hall I live in here at my current college, they all look like palaces. Although I have a single room here, and I doubt I'll be able to get one at UW :/

I think there are only a few things I care about having, wherever I end up. Food nearby is important. A kitchenette/ kitchen would be nice but isn't necessary. Access to my classes, which will mostly be env and bio if that matters. Not terribly noisy or rowdy or drunken, but I'd die in a 24-hour quiet hall.

Any suggestions? Anybody want to be my roomy in the Fall? Haha.
Check out my user info and feel free to add me. I want friends :)

Here we go...

Are there any nursing majors hanging around here, by chance? I just got my acceptance letter from UW's BSN program, and have no idea what to expect, where to go from here...Something as simple as a link to a good student nursing community would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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More prospie questions!

Hello! I was admitted to U Dub about a month or so ago. I'm absolutely torn between Washington and UC Santa Cruz -- these are very different, I know, but they both appeal to me in different ways. I have a few questions (yes, I did search through the memories and got some answers--thank you! if I missed something I'm about to ask, my apologies).

1. How are the environmental sci/studies, psychology, and astronomy programs? I'll likely be majoring in one of these or some combination.

2. AP Credit: I have 9 APs and one community college credit -- will these get me out of some of the huge 400-person classes? I absolutely dread huge lecture halls.

3. How is the activism on campus? I visited right as the spring quarter (semester?) was ending, so it was pretty empty and I didn't really get a feel for the student body.

Were any of you in situations like this? Any input would be awesome.

Thank you! :) Perhaps I'll be seeing some of you next fall.
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Bwahaha, Hall Health messed up to my advantage. They were supposed to charge me $14 last week and they charged me $07.06, which is when my card expires. Stupid Hall Health. ^_^
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Room for rent

My name's Sarah and I'm a junior at UW. This summer my roommate will be gone from June 15th to September 20th so i am looking for someone to sublet her room. I live in the Wilsonian at 47th ave and University way, above Tully's. The apartment has 2 bedrooms, bathroom and a kitchen. The rent per month is 445.00 and that includes everything except internet which is 20.00 if you want it. If any of you need a place to live, or know someone else that does, let me know. And if you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me at sarahfeldman@gmail.com. Thanks!

summer quarter?

To those who have done summer quarter,

If I just wanted to to Term A, what is the usual number of credits I should take? Is 15 too much for such a short amount of time?

Thanks in advance.


Any information on the school affiliated apartments (or nearby apartments in general) would be greatly appreciated. I'll be a Sophomore next year and I really cannot stand the dorms. I've had my eye on the Commodore Duchess due to its proximity. I live in Lander right now and rather like the location. Any recommendations? How attainable are single bedroom/studio apartments? Also, most the apartments require that the individual be at least 19 years of age, I'm 18, but will be turning 19 in September, will this pose any difficulties in my application process? I plan on calling all prospective apartments tomorrow, but I figured feedback from people actually inhabiting some of these apartments would be beneficial to my decision process.

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room available immediate, close to u-district

we are a house with 7 people currently looking for an 8th person (male or female) to fill a vacant room immediately. the room is $400 a mo + $50 for utilities + cable/internet if you want it. wireless internet is also available. you provide your own phone. the lease would end sept. 7th, but most of us are renewing the lease for another year, so you could too.

our house is located on 70th and roosevelt, within easy busing/walking/biking distance from the u-district and a three block walk to green lake. the house was recently renovated and is in very good and clean condition. there is a furnished living room, dining room and kitchen to share. we share dishes/pans etc. the room is in the basement, very large, big closets, private exit. share bathroom with three others.

we are all early 20s, some grad students, some with jobs. four women, three men. we like to hang out, make meals together, go hiking/biking/running, watch movies, go out, have fun together. we'd like a roommate aged 20s or early 30s, who wants to hang out sometimes, but also has there own stuff going on. it's nice if you are able to pick up after yourself/help with cleaning the common areas too. also, no pets, no inside smoking.

if you're interested please call peggy after 6 pm tues-sun at 206-779-0153 or email peggyh54@gmail.com. we'd love to meet you and show you the house!