April 2nd, 2005

cutest puppy EVER

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Did anyone else see the guy running through Red Square today and yelling like a seagull, around 12:30? Was that just a really bad April Fool's joke, or what?
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I'm thinking about dropping my classes and taking the quarter off...but I need you guys to help me out first. I have heard that as long as you take 2 quarters (not including summer) then you can take a quarter off and not have to reapply to the university. Is that correct? Also, I only took 10 credits fall quarter, will I still be able to take this quarter off and not have to reapply?

Oh, and also, I just read something about having to write a letter to them before the first 14 days of the quarter. Is that true? I can't just drop all of my classes and be done with it?

linguistics majors out there?

i've been contemplating majors and have been wondering what one would do with a linguistics major? i looked online at their dept. page and found nothing. i've never taken a linguistics class before, but am thinking i might next qtr. any linguistics majors out there that know??