March 30th, 2005

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Anyone need the textbook for Math 307 plus the student solutions manual? I have them both in perfect condition, which means no markings or bent pages, etc. I'd sell them together for only $100. Note- you could still go return your textbook and manual at the bookstore for a full refund and then buy my book for so much less! Think about it!!!!

Computer Donations

My name is Sarah and I go to UW. Another student and I have been working at a non-profit youth home for one of our Human Rights classes and we are working on putting together a reference and technology center for the kids. We have been working with a bunch of local companies to get donations and while for the most part we have had success, we have not been able to find a place that is willing to donate computers. I was wondering if any of you or your companies would have any computers that could be given to the youth home. We are a 501-c3 organization and all donations are tax deductible. The youth home is located in Ballard with kids ranging from 14 to 21 years of age. If you're interested and would like more information we have put together a more in-depth proposal. You can reach me at Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Baby Ducks

Did anyone see the guy with the two pet ducks in the Quad this morning? They were tiny and fluffy and followed him everywhere, when he started running they ran after him. It was quite funny.

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Anybody taking SOC 372: Intro to Criminal Justice?

I have the book for that class- The Politics of Injustice: Crime and Punishment in America // Beckett
Second Edition. It's brand new. I'll sell it for 20$.



My friend got rejected from UW, but he has better qualifications then I do (I got in) and wants to appeal.

Is there a formal process? Do you just write a letter to the dean of admissions? What is the best way to appeal?
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thought some people would be interested in this:

FYI: I myself know nothing about this, it just got passed along to me in an email.

Call for Actors

The UW Film Club is filming its first ever production in
association with ASUW TV and DX Arts, and now it is time to put out a
call for actors.

You can be a movie star!

The film begins shooting on April 15th and ends on April 24th. Most
parts don't require attendance every day. The film is a "Best in
Show"-style mockumentary of student groups, set mostly in the hub. So
if you have a knack for comedic acting, or are just a fun, lively
person--consider yourself qualified. Of course, actors with a
headshot and a resume are highly encouraged.

Auditions are at 11AM-3PM in Thompson 211 on April 2nd.
And also at 5:30 on April 5th in Thompson 215.

Practice and perform your own piece, or get a copy of the script from or e-mail
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room for rent

i dont know how effective this will be but i figured id try...
i planned on subleasing my place starting april 1st but the sublessor had an abrupt change of plans and cant sign. its a great room in a house less than a mile from uw and the good news is: its available as soon as you need it.

let me know if theres any interest

"priority deadline"

i am just curious as to really what the advantages are to applying to UW's "priority deadline" ... from what i read it just gives you an "up" on those who applied the regular january 15th deadline, but i've seen no "ups" thus far.

i applied in early/mid november and still haven't heard anything. I know that this is normal and that some people don't find out til mid april and whatnot... i guess i'm just getting kind of ancy and angry that the website tells me that i should find out within "6-8 weeks of my initial review", yet that was in early january so its been almost 11-12 ish weeks - well over "6 to 8 weeks".. and i'm also kind of worried that if i do get accepted, its already late and that i might get stuck with a crappy dorm choice or that all the financial aid will be long gone.

ANYWAYS i'm just questioning as to what the point of me applying early was if i'm going to end up finding out probably the same time i would've if i would've applied the january 15th deadline ?? i guess when i applied i kind of assumed it was like early decision, which is obviously not the case, so i just wanted to know what advantages, if any, that there are to applying to the early deadline ???

Thank you
omg dinosaurs

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Hello there.

I was just admitted to WWU and the UW today. I have been primarily leaning toward Western but there are still a lot of things that I have to consider. If someone/anyone could help answer some questions of mine, that would be awesome.

What is the music program like? I am interested in majoring in music education and want to know about the program at your fine establishment.

How hard is it to get on the Ultimate Frisbee team? I am currently co-captain of my high school team and would love to keep playing in college.

Are there accomodations offered for students with learning disabilities? If so, how should I go about obtaining such assistance?

Thanks a bunch in advance!

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Come out and show your support/educate yourself about CAFTA this thursday, march 31st!!
If CAFTA is passed, its effects will be detrimental to millions of people.

There is a rally/press release at 7 PM outside Seig hall at which is really important for people to show their support.

A Dialogue on the Central American Free Trade Agreement with U.S. Representative Jim McDermott

March 31st • 7:30-9:00 PM
University of Washington
Sieg Hall 134
*free and open to the public*

featuring panelists discussing:
*Jobs and the Economy
*Social and Economic Implications for Central America
*Investment, natural resources and the environment
*Public Health

sponsored by the UW’s International Studies Center, the World Affairs
Council, and the UW Business School’s Global Business Center
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Like the Visual Schedule thing...

You know how you can get the Visual Schedule for your classes on myuw?
I once found a website (it was somebody's homepage) that let you make your own visual schedule. Anybody know what I'm talking about? This UW dude programmed it himself. Only if I can find that website.... Anybody?
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