March 29th, 2005


HFS Roomate

My roomate is sick in the UW dorm system. He coughs, and makes snoring sounds because of his pugged up nose. Hes been sick for about 4 weeks now. He went to hall health last quarter and is planning to go again only to receive cough syrup like he was given the first time. Im frustrated, because he doesnt cover his mouth when he coughs even when in the room, and i dont want to get sick either. Any ideas?
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Hey. Anyone who's sick of their fish, doesn't have time for the upkeep etc- send them my way. I'll pick them up or whatever. I have several nice heated, filtered tanks and a nice community of (freshwater) fish. So, instead of "flushing" them etc, I'll take them.

SOC 220

i know i've posted this before and here it goes again

I have the book for Sociology 220; Investigating the Social World, 4th ed, author: Schutt

I've never used it and its in excellent condition. The bookstore sells it for $60 used.

I'm willing to sell it for $40.

reply back if you're interested.

The sinks, they're possessed!

Does anyone else have the slightly perturbing experience of having the automatic toilets and sinks (such as those in MGH) going off unexpectedly? Like the sink next to the one you already stopped using turning on, or the toilet flushing beneath you even though you didn't move at all?

Personally I wouldn't have minded if they'd stuck with the manually operation versions of the same things.
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Ah, finally, north campus classes that allow me to take a lunch break that's longer than 8.5 minutes! Saweet.
With that said, my 24/7 craving for (good) Mexican food has me trying to find good Mexican places to eat (on/around the Ave) lunch? Good also means affordable... thanks in advance.
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Delta Lambda Phi spring rush!

Delta Lambda Phi, Social Fraternity for Gay, Bi-Sexual & Progressive Men, cordially invites you to be a part of Spring Rush 2005.

DLP is a nationally recognized social fraternity founded in 1986. The University of Washington's Psi Chapter began it's presence in November 2002 and currently has 4 Classes and is 17 members strong. DLP is actively involved in the campus community through volunteering and social events as well as Seattle's queer community through fund-raising and philanthropic functions.

Participating in our Spring Rush gives you a chance to get to know the brothers of the fraternity as well as find out about the fraternity as a whole.

Rush begins Monday, April 4th and ends Friday, April 8th.

For Rush events, times & locations check out our Rush flyer here.Collapse )

Hope to see you there!


Nathan Condell
Rush Chair

Note: DLP does not take part in any Hazing rituals or encourage inappropriate or non-voluntary acts! DLP also does not practice "blanket bidding processes," which means you can only become a pledge if you are extended an invitation (given a bid). So make your presence known by attending our Rush functions and allowing the brothers to get to know you!!!
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in a 300-level pol sci course, the professor asked people to raise their hands if they knew how many senators are in the US senate and only 25% of the class raised their hands. this means that half the class didn't know the answer (assuming another 25% were napping/didn't care/too shy to raise hand/etc.).

how the hell do these people get into college? please advise.

Soon to be newb.

Hiya. I'm going to be (well, it's 99% certain) an exchange student this fall, and hopefully for the full academic year. I'm a junior at cunyhunter in New York City. I don't know if any of you can imagine how different Hunter is from UW. I'm so excited since I toured your campus on Friday. You have TREES! And DUCKS! We have a lot of gray and beige concrete and pigeons, rats, mice, bugs. Well anyway, I fell in love with the campus and the University District. It's like I died and went to indie kid heaven. Used CDs abound!

I wanted to know if any of you are in PoE. My hope is to complete a minor in it before I have to go back to Hunter, where I'm a tired anthropology major. I met with someone from the program, probly the coordinator or something, and she was awesome. I'm looking forward to taking courses I can't find back home. But I'd love to hear from current students.

Anyway, expect questions from me this summer and beyond. Hope I can make some friends.
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