March 27th, 2005

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I am excited to announce that a new winter guard is being created in the Seattle Area!

****Rhapsody Winterguard!****

Rhapsody is a new winterguard based out of Seattle, Washington. The guard is the brain child of Director Jimmy Fursman and Captain Samantha Wiszmann, who both saw a need for a quality ensemble for young adult performers of college age in the Seattle area.

Membership in Rhapsody is by audition only and open to high school graduates ages 18-22. Because this a new guard, set for debut during the 2006 winterguard season, many details of the program are still being developed.

For more information go to!

Or E-mail me - Samantha at!



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Yes, another

Ok, I'll keep it simple, I'm doing crew next year, and the coach has asked if I'd like to be placed with another athlete, but I can't decide. One side of me wants to take up the offer since I have a general idea of what they'd be like then, but another part of me wants to go for random, since there's a wider variety of people to draw from.

I party a bit, don't smoke (but don't mind if people do), can be loud on occasion, can need some silence, pretty standard affair.

So should I take up the offer? Any advice helps.