March 26th, 2005

Convince Me!

I'm a high school senior and I'm accepted to UW for next year. The problem is, I was waitlisted at Boston U, which I also really love, and I'm trying to decide whether to stay on the waitlist and find out where I'm going in the summer or to just say yes to UW right now. My main conflict between the two is the location. I really love Boston, but I don't know much about Seattle. (I'm from Northern CA.) What are the nightlife/entertainment/positive and negative traits of the city? It it college-student friendly?

Thanks so much! Oh, and I've already read all of the memories, so no need to tell me to do that...

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Hi. I am a new science student.

It is weird to me that some labs for Chem and Physics are on Monday, while others are on Thursday, some are in the beginning of the week and others later. Does it matter what day you have Lab? Is the lab report due a certain day for all sections? If so, it would seem best to take lab earlier in the week. Thanks so much!

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which physics class is easier? 114 and 115 or 121 and 122? i'd assume 114 (the non-calculus physics which is what i'm currently registered in) would be easier but i've also heard that its harder without calculus... i just finished math 126 last quarter so the math is not really an issue so much as which one is easier and less time consuming. thanks.

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I just received my Welcome packet and I happen to have a few questions. Upon visiting the UW website, and attempting to activate my myUW account, I didn*t know what my System Key or the other number I was supposed to have. Is there anyway that I can get these numbers without contacting the UW, like did I already receive them on some papers from the school or do I have to contact the school? Thanks for you help.

Any apartment-hunting advice?

My name is Anna. I will be a grad student at the UW next fall. I have a couple of questions regarding apartment-hunting in Seattle.
First, when should I start looking? My potential roommate and I are hoping to sign a lease and move in around September 1st.
Do you know of any relatively inexpensive (<$900) places that aren't that shady? Where can I get the best deal for the money?
Are there any places I should absolutely avoid? Any sketchy landlords?
Thanks so much for your help. I'm a Seattle native -- I've just never searched for an apartment in the city before.

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Just curious, are there any grad students in the philosophy program here. I have a lot of general questions about it. If you could reply, that would be very helpful. Thank you.