March 25th, 2005

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just thought i'd say how interesting that it was that i've been in california now for about a week, and have seen countless people down here with uw sweatshirts on. like two days ago, while walking on the venice beach boardwalk, i saw a whole gang of kids walk by with uw shirts on. one guy even had a uw lacrosse shirt on.


dance 203

for spring i signed up for Dance 203, BALLET TECHNIQUE 2 with Cooper. has anyone taken the class or anything with the teacher and can offer suggestions? i've only taken one dance course before, jazz technique 1 and i bet it's nothing like 203 =(
hat - inverse

Looking for something to do on Easter?

Looking for something cheap to do on Easter? Come see Election Show - an improvised poltical satire at the Historic University Theater (home of Jet City Improv) near the UW.

This Sunday only all tickets are only $5! See you there.

What: Election Show: A Completely Improvised Election Without the Politics
When: Sundays, Mar. 27 & Apr. 3, 10, 24 @ 7:00 PM
Where: Historic University Theater, 5510 University Way NE - Seattle
Cost: $10, $8 for students -- Only $5 on Easter!

"Hilarious...Satire wins big." - Joe Adcock, Seattle PI
"a hilarious and all-too-recognizable send-up of the political system" - James Sutter, UW Daily

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Are there any CS majors on this board that could offer me some insight? At least, those of you that didn't get accepted directly out of highschool...

This major has been a dream of mine, but in light of my grades winter quarter, I'm wondering just how low of grades you can demonstrate and still get in. Not that my cumlative will be very low, but the grades that are dragging it down are the important ones (ie, math)