March 23rd, 2005


Late night jam || Red Square || Friday night || 11 pm (if anyone's down)

Any musicians free late Friday night? I'm thinking we all wander down to Red Square at 11 pm or so, bust out our guitars, hand drums, fiddles, mouth harps, didgeridoos, bricolage percussion pieces, blues harps, or, in my case, melodica, and do some late night jamming. WHO'S WITH ME?

(I'd be down to play any style, blues, folk, some jazz, rock, whatever; I have a good enough ear to play on just about anything that doesn't wander too much)
fleur de lys

hutchinson pool?

~Just wondering if anyone works/ has worked at the Hutchinson pool? I'm starting there next week once school begins again, and I guess I'm just looking to see what it's like there, if anyone knows. Like, typically, how many hrs is one given per /week? Can you ask for more hrs?-- I know the pool is open sort of odd hrs sometimes, and typically only till 6pm if i'm not mistaken? My thing is, I want to apply to another job, but I have no clue how this one at the pool locker room is going to work out.. I think I have time in my day, since I'm only in class 13 hrs/ wk (plus 5 more cr. of an online course-esc110). I dont know.. I was told I'd be getting 10-12 hrs/ wk, but I think I could handle some more hrs, I just dont know if that would be available to do at Hutch, or if I should just hunt down a 2nd job. any thoughts?
la paz

work study!

so, i've got a question: i'll be a freshman next year, and i've just gotten my financial aid letter in the mail, and they're offering me Work Study (among other stuff). I was wondering what everyone thinks about having a job in your freshman year; i've never had a real job, and i'm also unclear on the nuances of college life... what i mean is, do you think it might be too much to sort of immerse myself in this new college experience, as well as taking on the added stresses of a first job, all at once? or is it generally a pretty painless transition? i want to have as little debt as possible, so i'm hesitant to request an exchange for a loan--especially when it seems that everybody wants a work study job--but i was just wondering how everybody else's experiences went, whether it was a good thing for you to do, and the like.

i checked the memories! i didn't see anything like this in there! so thanks a bunch for your input, and putting up with another freshman question :) just looking for a little guidance here.
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Engl 284 w/ Julie Cooper

Anyone currently enrolled in this class... and thinking about... not taking it?
I know it's a long shot, but please. I'm a graduating Person-McPerson soonish and if I don't finish up my writing stuff, they'll try and force me out with a lit degree! I don't want a lit degree!

I thought I might appeal to someone who could take it in the Fall and still be a happy camper.
AND I'll bake you cookies.

textbooks for sale

If anyone needs the following textbooks, please e-mail me at The books are in great/almost brand new conditions, willing to sell them for prices lower than the bookstore.

Microeconomics by Perloff (3rd edition '04) for econ300, b econ300, econ 402

Study Guide for Microeconomics by Perloff (3rd edition '04) for econ 300, b econ300, econ 402

Mind on Statistics (w/ CD) 2nd edition '04 for STAT311