March 19th, 2005

The Vu

An update from Boise

After an 11 hour ride...we took a long long detour because the pass was closed...we arrived in Boise, ID at 7AM. With no tickets, we headed to The Ram (Husky Headquarters) that opened at 8. I put up an "I Need A Ticket" sign, and was able to score tickets to all the games for underface value at $120. I did get offers for just the first session on Thursday for 100. Yeah, fuck you so called Husky fans. I found a real Husky fan, and got facevalue. So good times.

The game...well we sure could have played a lot better than we did. We must have an interior defense in order to beat Pacific. But a win is a win, and we didn't have as much trouble as teams such Illinois, Gonzaga, Kentucky among others. We led the ENTIRE game didn't we? And they never came closer than 9 points, right? Who cares if Montana was a 16 seed, they made the tournament, didn't they? "Huskies survive" my ass!

Anyway, Boise is kinda boring. It took us about one hour to roam the streets the downtown Boise. Lots of bars that's for sure. But Boise locals are nice. The State Capitol is pretty. Utah people are asses and don't know how to park.

We basically spent most of our days watching basketball at Buster's (Idaho's Hooter's, but smoking, better looking girls). Last night, we almost won a $150 bar tab in Quarter Bouncers (bouncing quarters into a small hoop), but we lost in the final round to an old man from Pacific no less. He made quite the comeback. It was good times. Hopefully that isn't a precursor to the game today. Winning that tab would have been nice since our tab was $133. There's really not that much to do in Boise besides drink.

Go Dawgs! Go Wildcats! (Yes, I root for the Pac10 in NCAA until we play them. Stanford and UCLA were horrible.)

Beat Pacific!

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