March 16th, 2005

office hours

Are professors still holding office hours this week? My final was on Monday and this prof's office hours are normally held on a Thursday... so I'm not sure if they're still supposed to have them this week, or does it depend on the prof?

holy manatee

Eye and Mind Project Fair

Wednesday, March 16th, 2005 - 3:30 PM
Mary Gates Hall

Students from the Humanities 102: Eye and Mind class have created projects that either combine work from the DNA and cellular biology lab and art, or other interesting approaches to understanding the tenuous relationship we have with these aspects of existence and more. I've seen some of these already and they are out of this world. If you're on campus today and need to be distracted from studying, stop by and check it out.

Refreshments will be provided.

ATM S 101

I'm going to wake ATM S 101: The Weather. Anybody ever take this class? How is it? I'm just taking it to get some NW credit done.

Also, I have a Math 120 textbook. I'm willing to give it out for like.... 10-15ish bucks if anybody offers.

Sociology 220

I have the book for Sociology 220; Investigating the Social World, 4th ed, author: Schutt

I've never used it and its in excellent condition. The bookstore sells it for $60 used.

I'm willing to sell it for $50.

reply back if you're interested.
oh shit son run!

band members wanted

hey im danny hahn and i do a solo project bit as Hahn Solo and the Wookies. with the quarter finally over, ive been looking to get a tad more serious with my stuff, but just a tad. my music is very jazz, bossanova, doowop, indie pop main influences are sondre lerche, rilo kiley, 50s motown, and kings of convenience. for live shows, simply me and a guitar just doesnt cut it when the arrangements call for multi-vocal harmonies. if anyone is interested, im looking for drums, keys, guitars, bass...well a whole band basically, and preferably, everyone can sing. and sing good.

you can hear samples at or

(no subject)

I'm a senior in high school, and I've been accepted to UW, as well as to a few other local/non-local colleges. Though my decision is ultimately (see also: entirely, completely, unavoidably) financial, I'd really like to be excited about the college/university I'll be attending, and would like to feel as though my decision has at least been persuaded by other factors.

Aaaand, so. . . if you please: brag about your school. Tell me everything you love about it, every good thing you've experienced, every great class you've taken, every great thing about Seattle/UW/the campus, the best dorm to live in, good things about the student body, the residence/campus life, anything at all.

[Just for useless, possibly helpful information: The current plan is to be pre-med (probably science major, possibly not), interests in psychology and creative writing, wishing to study abroad in Eastern Europe, hoping to take Russian or Czech, possibly interested in participating in campus ministry (youth group types), living on campus.]

Thanks in advance.

What's it like?

Hi...I am hopefully going to be admitted to the Masters in Nursing program there for Fall semester. I am hoping to hear soon! I'm coming from out of state...I'm a Native New Yorker but have been living in the land of southern hospitality for the past 3 years. I've called folks over at UW Grad admissions and the nursing school and, although nobody has ever been outright rude to me, they all seem to be rather curt or abrupt in the way they talk. My question is this...what are people really like there? I have heard a full gamut about the dating world, etc but I am just wondering what profs are like, what administration is like...are they difficult to work with? Do you find people helpful to you in general? Is anyone in the nursing program either grad or undergrad...

can anyone give me an idea what its like? Thanks for any help you can give me.