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Tuesday, March 15th, 2005

Time:12:12 am.
don't drink & drive.


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Time:1:19 am.
Did anybody see the meteor falling down to the ocean on Saturday night?
it was huge! and took a long time traveling all green across the sky. i was lucky enough to be looking up to the clear dark sky at Golden Gardens when it happened.
Really fucking amazing.
i ahvent been able to find any pictures... I guess nobody was there waiting with a camera or anything.
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Time:1:52 am.
sigh. don't want to cram anymore...so i'm trying to fix up my schedule. does anyone know anything about barash for psych 200 or phys 114 w/ van dyck?
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Time:9:48 am.
I'm going to be starting another language when I get to college, and have it narrowed down to a couple choices.

Italian and French are my top two choices, where I'm slightly leaning italian. I'm also open to taking Spanish or Chinese(Cantonese isn't offered, right?). I'm just looking for opinions on which have the best programs, or even just personal opinions on which I should take.

Also, for note, I'm going to be continuing taking Japanese, is it hard to take two foreign languages, will I have enough open space in my schedule to do it? (I plan on studying languages and possibly linguistics)

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Time:12:40 pm.
has anyone heard about the "global protest against the war in iraq" that's supposedly going on this friday? i guess apparently it's supposed to be a walkout of those in colleges and high schools around the world at 11:05am...

i'll already be at home, but was just wondering if anyone else had heard anything about it.
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Subject:Ring Two at the Neptune
Time:1:39 pm.
Anyone here a fan of the original 1999 horror hit The Ring? I heard The Ring Two will open on Friday at the Neptune Theather on 45th. Is anyone planning on seeing it?
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Subject:Wanna Buy My Books?
Time:7:38 pm.
Textbooks for Sale
I have the reading material for AAS 206 & Psych 101
if anyone would like to purchase them from me
please leave a comment with your e-mail address
or you can get my e-mail from my user information and e-mail me.
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Time:9:34 pm.
Mood: accomplished.
So, there are a bazillion posts on how to find textbooks, and there was a guide posted a long time ago, and it would probably need some updating. Plus, I can't find it. So...I kind of took the liberty and made one myself.

Textbooks are expensive. So, whether you're selling or buying you have a number of options:

Textbook Options (not in order of preference):Collapse )
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