March 14th, 2005


When are instructors supposed to turn in grades this quarter? Also, does anyone know if an instructor turns in grades early, will the grades be posted on MyUW for that class early, or are all grades that get turned in posted all at once, with grades that aren't in yet posted later?


I walked my cat the other day through the crowded hub lawn, and then I wrote this story about it for ENGL 381. I guess this is UW related because so many people on campus laughed at my gf and I being dragged around by a kitten that I figured someone in this commuity might have seen it. Anyways, here is:

Cat Walking in the City
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experimental College

Hey everyone, Happy Spring Break, just wondering, does anyone know if there are course evals posted somewhere for the experimental college classes? I'm thinking of taking some classes, just wondering if its worth it :)
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I was sunning myself on the low stone fence near Thompson today and noticed a squirrel nest up in the tree to the immediate left of the building sign. It was occupied. Only... I don't believe in 15-pound, tawny squirrels with black paws and tails.

So... has anyone else noticed this pheunomena? I was under the impression that raccoons preferred more enclosed nests, and I've never noticed the nest occupied before, though I've had at least one class in Thompson every day for the past academic year and then some. I'm curious if it's a regular visitor there.