March 13th, 2005

skeleton porn


hi, i want to drop one of my classes now (ASAP) by tommorrow or tonight if possible. i need to know, if this is still even possible for me, and what i need to do if it is? whoever can answer this, you are my personal savior....otherwise I am screwed.
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Early classes?

Somewhere I heard that incoming freshman can take classes early that prepare you for the start of Autumn Quarter and the start of college. I think that you get .5 credits for it. I forget where I saw it and what it said exactly but I was wondering if any of you ever participated in it and what you think about it.

Is it a good program?Do you recomend it??

As a incoming freshman I would like to know everyone's opinion!
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anyone else have a case of senioritis? i have five more credits until i'm done. i have a 10:30am final tomorrow and i have not done any studying this weekend. then again, i didn't study for the midterm and i got a 3.4.