March 11th, 2005

grading question

okay, so for a class with lecture sections and a quiz section (if that even makes a difference), is it the TA or the prof who is in charge of inputting the final grade for each student? i'm asking because i feel that the professor knows me really well, and would possibly give me a bit of a grade bump if they were the one to input my grade. not that the TA hates me or anything, the TA and i get along quite well, but i think the prof would definitely give me an edge. anybody know how the final grading works and could fill me in? thanks.

(no subject)

hey guys!
i'm considering applying to uw... and i'm wondering if anyone here is familiar with the music department. i'm a bassoon player so i'd probably be playing in the band and possibly orchestra. any music people out there, please comment... i want to know how you guys like it!

thanks!!! :)