March 10th, 2005

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American Apparel

Has anyone noticed that they're putting in an American Apparel in the perpetually empty storefront across the street from Bartell's on 45th and the Ave?

I only noticed earlier tonight b/c I saw that some of the window murals had suddenly changed from pictures of the Ave to pictures of women in t-shirts.

I've also seen this brand advertised before in the Daily and could never figure out why they were advertising there.

PS - I finally ran across a daphne flower, though not on campus. The smell is astoundingly fragrant. Thanks to the person who initially posted about this.

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I know it's been a grand two days since the last housing question but I have another one to add to the stack!

Houses. Duplexes. Whatever. Where do I find a good place for five people to live around UW, preferably within walking/biking distance for next school year or does such a thing even exist? I've contacted a few folks from craigslist and got replies saying they were booked... so any better places to look?
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mega life and health

So the company that underwrites the student insurance program was told yesterday by the Insurance Commissioner's Office to stop selling plans in the state because their plans violate state law.  (Brief P-I story here.)

I'm not really smart about insurance, e.g. I don't really know exactly what underwriting is or if the fact that the UW student plan is administered by a different company makes a difference, but it seems like this might be an issue for the UW?

At the least I thought it was funny that the insurance the U offers its students is from a company that just got banned from selling in the state.  Football coaches, insurance companies - you name it, the UW knows how to pick 'em :)

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i hate to post this here because i'm sure i could find it somewhere really obvious, but i've searched and can't find anything. i was told that the university recently changed full-time student status from 12 credits to 10. is there any truth to this? i found this page, but it hasn't been updated for almost a year, so i wanted to check and see if anyone knew. sorry if this is annoying.

Concert ticket

I have a concert ticket I need to get rid of all of a sudden (planned to go with a friend, he's not going anymore, and it turns out I can't go either since something else that's *really* important came up, that kind of story). It is for Garbage at the Paramount Theater, April 8th (Friday night!), 8pm. Floor/GA "seating." Their show is the kind that sells out *quickly*! If you're interested--please comment here! I'm selling the ticket for $45 since that's exactly how much it was (no upping of the price or anything, I want to break even with what I paid, not make a profit! :-p). Anyone? Anyone? Garbage is awesome and I *wish* I could go, but...
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(no subject)

Ok, sorry this isnt directly UW related, but I dont quite know where to aim my question.. So, I'm having a problem with my LJ-- I cant "see" my current friends page. The thing is I can see it and read friends post, etc, but the last thing I see is a friends post from yesterday morning, and I know my friends have posted things in their journals that I should be able to read,-- I even told a friend to write something in her journal really quick to see if I could read it, but I couldnt see it.. I find this slightly strange.. And I'm sure there has got to have been some new posts in the UW community from these past days.. but I cant read any of that stuff either.. strange. I know that all these various posts from people exist because I do get the "reply to your post" or "reply to your comment" emails in my mailbox.. but my Friends page has reached a dead end! Anyone know whats up?? thx.

-err sorry, for now its back up and working.. lets hope it stays that way
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(no subject)

So, now that all the annoying registering posts have slowed down, I've got the books for Spanish 103 and Jazz History up for sale! ^_^ Cheaper than the U Bookstore, all sales final. Maybe I'll throw in some girl scout cookies if you're lucky...

Prospective student, wondering about mechanical engineering

I am considering going here, and I have some questions about the ME department. How hard is it to get into? I have read on the ME departments website that generally a 3.0 gpa is basically what you need to get in, but I have heard from an alumni that she could not make it into the ME department because one needed a 3.7 to get in. 3.7 is also what a friend said (his sister goes to the UW, apparently her BF tried to get into ME).

My calc teacher (UW alumni) alluded to the weed out process. How harsh is this? I think I could make it through, but I am just concerned.

Is there a lot of competition in the department/school for being a ME? If I go here I want to be sure I can follow my intended major.

Spring Break

Hey everyone, spring break is almost here! :yay: just wondering what people around here at the U do for break? I'm going to Cancun and was just wondering if anyone from campus will be there too? Would be cool to see come fellow huskies down there.
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Residence Halls $

I've searched all over the UW website but I've been unable to find what I'm looking for. I'm curious if they've released residence hall costs for the 2005-2006 school year yet. If anyone knows where I can find this information that'd be great.

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"even the beautiful must die..."

To all the UW choirs and orchestra:

Excellent Job tonight. In the four years Ive been in the master works performances, Ive never heard such a high level of musicianship and artistry.

If all you out there arent doing anything friday night at 7:30 or you just need to escape from finals for a while, come see the UW choirs and orchestra perform the Verdi Sabat Mater, and 3 great works by Brahms. If know how to sit still for an hour and love music, you'll really enjoy this.

Someone help me out for how much tickets cost for students, because I dont know.

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