March 9th, 2005


I GOT IN!!!! I just got the letter no longer than an hour ago!!!!


... Just wanted to let you all know. ^_~

*feels like screaming it at the top of the space needle*
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Weird Situation.

So..I looked through the memories and didn't see anything like this.. I have an odd situation. I feel that a TA is grading arbitrarily based on factors other than merit, and I'm not sure what options I have to challenge this. I'm not sure what my final grade will be, but I know that I have been scoring consistently average on tests, and I have just discovered that someone else in the class, made more errors on their test, didn't finish a portion of it, and still scored higher than me. So I'm not sure what I can do about this, and I'm hoping that someone out there knows were I can go to appeal the final grade I get. That is, if the grading policy stays consistent. Has this ever happened to anyone out there?
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