March 7th, 2005


geography & music 162

thoughts on geog 230 (global inequality w/ sparks),geog 245 (us populations w/glick), or geog 271 (geog food and eating) please? thanks!!! i checked the first two in the course evaluation catalog...but they were nowhere to be found. i'm looking for a course that is somewhat interesting but isn't so crazy hard that i'll go insane. (i'm trying to do 18 credits next quarter...sigh) any thoughts are much appreciated.. :)

also...does anyone have a music 162 book that is in pretty good condition for sale?

Social justice forum at uw!!

2nd Annual

*Speakers - Stuart Ralston: Speaker, Photographer, Writer ***AND*** Maliha
Masood, Writer and Activist

* Tabling - Come meet people from various activist sites, learn about potential
internships, volunteer opportunities, and jobs.

10 to 2pm
University of Washington
HUB Student Union, West Ballroom
cutest puppy EVER

(no subject)

Quick question: I signed up for the Phys 117 lab next quarter. Does this lab usually take the full three hours? I know that my Chem 152 labs always get out at least an hour early. Thanks!

: (

If anyone on here is currently enrolled in ARCH 150 and decides to drop it, PLEASE email me so I can take your spot, it's the perfect class and perfect time slot for my schedule, but I didn't get in.

geography 271

With all the raves I have heard about geography 271, I think i am going to take it. For those of you who have taken it, i'd really appreciate if you could tell me about the structure of the course. I mean things like how many exams there are, hw assignments, what happens in section, if writing a paper is required, or any other tid bits of info. Thanks!

sweet-smelling flowers!

Awhile back, people wanted to know what was causing the sweet flower scent around certain buildings. I finally got an answer from one mikeer@u. I assume they work for the groundskeepers, since the Miller Library directed my question to them.

From the email:
"That sweet flower scent that you described is that of the daphne odora or sometimes called winter daphne."

Cool. I wonder if it's hard to grow... I found the same plant growing outside the Elizabethan Theater in Ashland, OR when I went down this weekend to see Richard III. It made me smile.

Edit: and if you want to know what to look for, look at this... it grows in bushes around MGH, CMU, etc.
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fleur de lys

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I've tried searching the uw site and havent really found anything.. my question: Am I correct in thinking that online courses dont affect one's gpa? Or do they? Because I thought they did.. specifically, I'm refering to environmental science 110- online

UW, NCAA settle with Neuheisel and give him even MORE money

Does this make anyone else at least a bit angry?
Settlement reached in Neuheisel's lawsuit against NCAA and UW

A settlement was reached this morning that will pay former University of Washington football coach Rick Neuheisel $4.5 million in his wrongful termination suit against the university and NCAA.

The settlement, announced in King County Superior Court this morning just before closing arguments and after five weeks of testimony, would give Neuheisel $3 million cash — with $2.5 million of it to be paid by the NCAA and the remaining $500,000 by the UW. The UW would also forgive a $1.5 million housing loan paid to him in 2002. (full article)
Talk about a major bummer for our already cash-strapped school.

(no subject)

I'm sick of this Read-Only mode. I literally can't do anything, without it taking five minutes. Above this update screen reads "Warning: Your account is currently in read-only mode. Due to this maintenance you may be unable to post to your journal at this time."

In that effect, I am creating a community, paywhenfixed. This community exists to get people to rally together, and agree to pay for an account, if only livejournal will rid itself of these Read-Only mode errors.

If you agree with the community, please join it, or at least pass it on to as many people as you can. I want to get a lot of members, and then make livejournal aware of the community.

I realize this has nothing to do with UW, but it does have something to do with LJ, something which has been a large issue for everyone lately.

(no subject)

have any of you guys ever taken the "University Singers" class? There is virtually NO information on it in course descriptions, and I can't find anyone whos taken it. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks guys!
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