March 4th, 2005

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hi, this post is for my friend. He has a 4.1 Speaker system that recently stopped working correctly. The system was working fine but recently overheated. Long story short - one of the speakers blew out (it's dead and that doesn't matter). The part that matters is... one of the channels is dead (the front right to be exact). He'd like to get his 188 watt subwoofer back to working order. The problem might be easily fixed seeing as only one channel went out (not all 4). He's looking for someone that has knowledge of speakers and might be able to fix the amplifier in the subwoofer. IF someone can help, he'd be willing to pay them a small fee of $20..I know there is someone out there with the knowledge and it's an easy $20 if you can get it fixed... just thought some people might like the opportunity.

I realize that this is not UW related, but i thought that this would be a good place to find someone who could help. Thanks in advance! :)
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Political Comedy Show Near UW

Election Show has been selected to two more comedy festivals, the Phoenix Improv Festival (as a headliner) and the Chicago Improv Festival (on the Showcase stage)! As a result we’re doing an entire run dedicated to raising funds so we can travel to these festivals.

Election Show 2004 is a completely improvised election where your vote decides the winner! Follow the candidates though a brutal primary, debates, attack ads and scandals all based on audience suggestions! Who will win: The upstart challenger or the incumbent president? Your vote can make the difference!

The show features no real politics or political issues (no war, taxes, etc.)! We use our own candidates, our own issues, our own political parties and all of our platforms come directly from the audience. If one candidate promises mandatory work naps while the other promises to
create a new Ninja-run branch of the military: the people's will rules.

Our new run of Election Show opens this Sunday, Mar. 6th @ 7 PM at the Historic University Theater. Full info is below.

What: Election Show: A Completely Improvised Election without the politics
When: Sundays, Mar. 6, 13, 20, 27 & Apr. 3, 10, 24 @ 7:00 PM
Where: Historic University Theater, 5510 University Way NE - Seattle
Cost: $10, $8 for students (all proceeds go to the Election Show 2004 Travel Fund!)
"Hilarious...Satire wins big." - Joe Adcock, Seattle PI
"a hilarious and all-too-recognizable send-up of the political system" - James Sutter, UW Daily

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So, I'm visiting seattle in two weeks to check out the campus and the graduate program that I'm interested in, yet no one at the school seems too intent on getting back to me. I've tried e-mailing the museum studies department and telephoning them (I left a message); no one has responded to either of my attempts to contact them and set an appointment. I'm scared that they will never get back to me and my visit will have been for nothing. Needless to say, I can't exactly zip out to seattle whenever I feel like it, so it'd be great to actually get this shit done while I'm there.

This is probably a stretch, but does anyone know of someone whom I can contact at the school who will actually get back to me? You'd think they'd be all about enticing people to apply for their programs, but I'm not getting that impression thus far.

Thanks a jillion in advance.
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Atmospheric Sciences

Any ATM S majors out there?
I'm considering the major and wondering how the ATM S courses are. I'm registered for ATM S 358 next quarter because I'm interested in the major, and it doesn't have restrictions or prerequisites. As I will have just finished CHEM 142/152 before getting into ATM S 358 ("ATMOSPHERIC CHEM" recommending CHEM 142 beforehand), I'll have the recommended preparation for that course. Nonetheless, I'm a bit worried about whether or not this is a good choice. Opinions, especially from someone who's taken it? Thank you!
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The Enema, Day 3

So what did everyone think of Heylin's interview in the Daily? I'm thinking of biting the bullet and writing a letter to the editor about it. Here's what I have for my opening:

Although I fully support Heylin's right to challenge the Daily, I can't say that I agree with his methods. Perhaps his publication would be more effective if it were actually funny? While the nature of humor is subjective and nearly impossible to define, I feel as though its opposite can be defined in just two words: John Heylin.