March 3rd, 2005

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Wonderful. At 6 AM when I hit the button to register my not-full classes, it informed me that all my sections were closed for the day and to try back tomorrow. At six fucking AM in the morning with 50 spots left in everything I wanted. It wouldn't register a single fucking class. Anyone who comes near me today is getting slapped.

An Ancient Riddle

If you hold a rally in Red Square and no one cares, was there really a rally?

But yeah, props to the Weekly Enema guys for not being discouraged despite the fact that even with a megaphone, people five feet away were completely ignoring them.

My concern is that while many students have problems with The Daily, those concerns aren't accurately represented by the Weekly Enema and the lack of support for their cause will be construed as contentment with the current state of The Daily. Eh, after today's editorial in The Daily, maybe people should take them up on their "open door policy" and share their concerns directly with the editorial staff. Particularly since they griped about us discussing it on LiveJournal ("Too often critics of our publication hide in rants on or LiveJournal.")

If you *do* contact them, I'd love to hear what sort of response you receive.

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Have any of you taken COM220, Intro to Public Speaking? It's taught by M. McGarrity spring quarter, if that makes a difference to you. I'm mainly just wondering how it is - is it a class in which you actually learn how to write and give speeches, or is it more of just a lecture where you learn how to give speeches, what the elements of a speech are, etc, and then take multiple choice tests about it? I'm registered for the class, but I'd like to know what it's all about before I decide to stick with it, so if anyone has any input that'd be fabulous. Thanks in advance.

art 190

would anyone who is registered (or, within the next few days, will get registered) for art 190 want to switch with my spot? i have the tuesday & thursday spot from 11:30-2:20, but i'd really prefer the monday & wednesday class (both the 11:30-2:20 and 2:30-5:20 times on mon & wed are fine by me).


I just got accepted to the UW and while I'm sure there have been--or, at any rate, will be--a bunch of posts by potential freshmen, I have a few questions and could really use answers so I can stop being an indecisive girl. Every few minutes my mind changes in where I want to go and a lot of it is because I haven't spoken to many people who were students of the universities I want to attend; just visited their campuses and seen all the hype, all the school spirit. In other words, I'd like to know what some people who go to these schools think rather than what the administration or websites like to say.

1) If I go to the UW and want to end up at law school elsewhere, do I have to major in Prelaw? And if so, is the Prelaw program here a good one? Does anyone have any experiences with this or know someone who does?
2) Has anyone here regretted not going out of state? I got accepted to UC Irvine and UC San Diego, too, and I want to go to one of those, but I really dig the campus and people at the UW -- the familiarity generates a level of comfort and thus conflicts with the stir-crazy want to explore new places (I've lived in Seattle for all eighteen years of my life).
3) What do you guys like here, what do you guys dislike?
4) I'm interested in studying abroad for my second or third year, maybe; has anyone here done this?

Thanks so much, I really appreciate it.
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What's the deal with the Adderall craze? I'd never heard about it until a week ago and now it's everywhere. I've even gotten offers on facebook asking if I want to buy it for finals week. I understand its a drug used to treat ADD and ADHD, when did it become something else?
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Slim possibility, i know.. but..

Anybody perchance have an extra tv sitting around they'd like to lend me for 6 months or so.. I swear, I'll give it back once I can come up with one of my own.. My friend and I will be moving into our apt this week.. so we're looking for the standard.. furniture and whatnot.. Hey worth a shot right? And from what I've seen so far.. nothing too great on craigslist.. sad